Archive | December, 2010

Turning your iPhone into a Real-time Biomedical ECG Monitoring System

One of the massive bandwagons of 2010 has been the Apple iPhone 4. I came across a footage on iPhonECG System last week and was impressed by its charisma and boon to the biomedical fraternity. Its a perfect real-time ECG Monitoring System encompassing an iPhone 4 and a sleek ECG attachment. Lets do a post-mortem of this innovation…

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The Biggest Scientific Breakthrough of the Year 2010

The most explicable discovery of the year has been The First Quantum Machine. A quantum machine is a human made device whose collective motion follows the laws of quantum mechanics. Yes, immediately Wikipedia created a page about this innovation too.

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Biomedical Engineer Rated As Best Career in 2011 by U.S. News & World Report

With median annual wages of more than $80,000 & expected biomedical employment growth of whopping 72% in next decade leaves no doubt for U.S. News & World Report to list Biomedical Engineer at No.1 position in 50 Best Careers of 2011. Lets see the future of BME…

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