Archive | February, 2011

How To Make Reusable ECG Pad Electrodes at Home ?

Sometimes, even when all biomedical equipments are available at a hospital, a doctor may not be able to operate them due to lack of basic medical supplies like electrodes, sanitary pads, sterilizer, clothing and dressing etc. Here is a simple DIY biomedical project to make reusable ECG pads from readily available materials at home.

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How to Run Turbo C/C++ IDE on Windows 7/Vista in Full Screen ?

Many of my engineering peers face the problem of running Turbo C/C++ IDE on Windows 7/Vista in Full Screen. Most of them are reluctant to upgrade their OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 due to this difficulty. Here are some easy steps to effectively accomplish this task of running C++ in Full Screen mode which no errors or confusions…

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