Archive | August, 2011

Top 5 Features of ‘ntro’ Social Discovery App for Students

This new social discovery app focuses in helping the university students to make new friends through their shared interests. I got an opportunity to interview its founder Josh Resnick, lets hear more about ‘ntro’ …

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Radiology Innovation : Multimodal Ultrasound Tomography (MUT) Technology

It was my first class today for BME 513 course at University of Southern California, when my instructor Prof. Vasilis Z. Marmarelis explained about his breakthrough invention to detect breast cancer lesions. Here is an article, highlighting the points discussed in those 5 minutes of his talk about his massive 11 year long research.

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Skin-mounted Electronics for Bio-Monitoring & Human-machine Interfaces

A web of minuscule wires woven into an adhesiveless silicon patch could provide a future where heart monitors are nearly invisible, prosthetics can feel pressure and video games can take verbal commands

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