How a 17-year-old Girl Built Artificial ‘Brain’ to Detect Breast Cancer?

Few minutes after signing up for the Computational Neuroscience free online course, I read that an artificial brain is built by a 17-year-old whiz kid from Florida which accurately assess tissue samples for signs of breast cancer, providing more confidence to a minimally invasive procedure. Its amazing!!

A cloud-based neural network took top prize in this year’s Google Science Fair. Breast cancer affects one in 8 women worldwide, and with her neural network system early detection can be done. For her Google Science Fair project, she built a neural network with Java and then deployed it to the cloud. She ran 7.6 million trials on it and found it is 99.1 percent sensitive to malignancy.

She also compared her custom-built network to three off-the-shelf products that she tweaked to work with her dataset. Her sensitivity to malignancy was 4.97 percent better than the commercial networks. And, in the end guess what? The grand Google Science Fair project prize comes with $50,000 in scholarship money, an internship with a fair sponsor and a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands.

[youtube id="CIdz9-QwrIA"]

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