Convert EEG Waves to Audio using Brain Pulse Music Machine

Japanese artist and therapist Masaki Batoh created a machine that can create sound from brain waves. CNET reports that wanting to remember and help those affected by last year’s Great East Japan earthquake, Batoh produced a new album, called Brain Pulse Music that took survivors’ brain waves and turned them into music.

Brain Pulse Music Machine

Now, this is a modified EEG machine, measuring electrical activity in the brain, and a headgear mounted with sensors. Batoh showed various images of Japan to the earthquake survivors to stimulate their brains. The EEG machine reads the brain activity, sending data on it to the attached motherboard and translating it into sound. He also specializes in treating those with developmental disabilities, actually designed the machine to help his patients gain some control over their mental activity. With the immediate audio feedback, individuals can learn to control the sound, with the goal being to send the mind into a meditative state.
Now here’s the video, you may find it fascinating or may be annoying.

Batoh’s album >> $20.
Brain Pulse Music Machine >> $700.

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