Smart Sutures & Growing Cyborg Tissues gets Embedded Nanoelectronics

These days it the merging of electronics and biology have become a pretty hot topic. When I started this blog I wrote a post about skin-mounted electronics for bio-monitoring. Things tend to get more advanced now. Ever heard about cyborg tissues?

Harvard scientists have created these type of tissues for the first time by embedding a 3D network of functional, biocompatible, nanoscale wires into engineered human tissues. They basically developed a system for creating nanoscale “scaffolds” that can be seeded with cells that grow into tissue. You may like to read the updates here.

I would also love to mention another innovation I read today – about Surgical Sutures. We have always considered them to be mindless threads. Researchers have now coated them with sensors that could monitor wounds and speed up healing. Read similar stuff?

Yes, but these electronic sutures contain ultrathin silicon sensors are threaded through needles, and in animal tests researchers were able to lace them through skin, pull them tight, and knot them without degrading the devices. Its the plastic or silk threads covered with temperature sensors and micro-heaters that keep tabs on infections and provide therapy. Read a detailed article here.

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