Easiest Way to Apply Instagram Filters on your Adobe Photoshop Images

We all know Instagram has been an explosively popular app after the release of its Android version. Yesterday, I wanted to use the ‘Earlybird Filter’ of Instagram on my Adobe Photoshop. Transferring the image to your smartphone and then using Instagram on a specific porting followed by sharing is certainly a long procedure. I’ll make it short and sweet:

Use the Actions panel (Window > Actions) to load the downloaded filter. Simply, play the action on a file. If you have no clue about loading actions, click here. Enjoy!

If you are not convinced by this option. You may love to explore the following services:

Photogram by PSkiss for $9.99
Instagram Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets for $9.99
Retrographer for $99
The Presetpond Pro Line for $14.50
Aperture Presets for Free
Adobe Lightroom Presets for Free
Lightroom meets Instagram for $25
Totally Rad Actions with free 30-day trial

Instagram for Chrome Extension
This Chrome Extension makes it so easy to use Instagram directly from your browser. The feed has a gorgeous interface and you can click on any name or hash tag to browse through.

Hat tip to The Tumblog of Daniel Box

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