Top 5 Awesome Things About Nike Training Club & USC Fuel Duel

Just came from an amazing workout session, probably the one of the best DJ exercise session I’ve ever had. Firstly, kudos to Nike Training Club USC, Well-U Week and USC Recreational Sports for sharing this awesome event. Being one of the first few excited fitness sprees, I was on time at 5.30, when the Nike Training club booth was set up at the entrance of the USC Lyon Center Main Gym. Here we go…

#5 USC Fuel Duel Green Screen Photo Booth

I know, photo booths are common. But, I believe this was the cool too. We were also given an instant photo print as well as e-mail/Facebook/Twitter options. Memorable for sure!

#4 Nike Training Club Jersey + New Nike Fuel Band

Who doesn’t like free Nike jerseys especially which had a ‘Train with USC’ written on your back. A brilliantly fitting t-shirt is the first thing you want before going for the workout. And, I didn’t get the Nike Fuel Band (was for the folks who received a gray wrist entry band). So, the idea was to calculate the Nike fuel points. Its was simple, Guys vs Girls. The trainers & few folks were wearing. After the workout, the the winners were the Girls with 9400+ points (guys were 9043)? WTH!

#3 Nike Free 5.0 Footwear trials

Christ! I am a big fan of Nike Running shoes. We were given red colored (pink for girls) NIKE FREE 5.0 V4 shoes for trial (in exchange of ID or keys). And, they had all sizes available (mine is 13.5). These shoes are for ~$100 in the stores and had breathable mesh upper for comfort along with deep outsole flex grooves for natural range of motion and flexibility. Worth buying!

#2 Nike Elite Trainers & DJ

Ryan Lauderdale, and Emily Chin made this whole event a big success with some strengthening exercises along with some decent DJ. I learnt new steps and the one in which we had to move our leg while resting the arms was the toughest. Massive calorie burnt! But, it was fun and a learning experience.

#1 Schaffer’s Genuine Foods Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Sundae

A true taste sensation after workout! Liquid nitrogen was used to create this perfect dessert. They basically took a custard (vanilla bean, eggs, sugar, milk, salt, cream) in a mixer and slowly added liquid nitrogen to it thereby increasing the speed of mixer. This froze the ice-cream in less than 30 seconds.

So, after an exhaustive workout, the folks were greeted with Salt Caramel Ice Cream, Spicy Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream, Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream, True spiked Butterscotch, Warm Hot Fudge, Butter cake crumbs, house made oreos, chocolate sprinkles, assorted candies, toasted almonds, coconut, fresh berries, honey walnuts, toasted peanuts, fresh whipped cream….and whatever else we can think to put on top. This has to be the #1 thing!

I have liked the Nike Training Club in LA Facebook page to stay updated and attend more of these sessions. Strongly recommended!

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