Top 5 Ways To Control Your Twitter Addiction

Twitter has brought a new legacy to cyberspace today. I consider this microblogging service as an insatiable plant, which you keep feeding (for no damn reason). Twitter addicts are those whom I reference under “techno-anxious” netizens. Here is an article on Twitter Addiction.

Top 5 Signs of a Twitter Addict

  1. Feel the end of the world when they see the twitter fail whale or an outage. And then feel on top of the world, if some one retweets them.
  2. Keep searching for their twitter name and their tweets in real time twitter search.
  3. More blogs about twitter applications and even more tweets than number of blog posts.
  4. Go crazy about twitter and use it as signature on emails and texts.
  5. Threaten their wife to get a twitter account and follow them, or warn her of divorce !

How much time do you spend daily on Twitter ?

I received really interesting replies from some famous tweeps. According to the replies, most of them spend around 2-3 hours daily on Twitter. I am sure they spend more than this.

Replies from my favorite & popular tweeps

Top 5 Ways To Control Your Twitter Addiction ?

1) Follow few people and create small lists. Some people usually inundate your Twitter timeline with all of their personal or extraneous updates. Look at a person’s profile and tweets and then decide whether to follow him/her. It would be really handy if you filter your tweets by creating lists of your favorite tweeps.

2) Stop being social in 140-words with all strangers. Never use Twitter as an Instant-Messaging client (it is the crux of addiction). Lay more emphasis on building relationships with handful of people who are quality content providers. It is a wastage of time, if you try to know about all the twitter users you see.

3) “I am away from Twitter this week”. You may tweet something similar to show your abstinence to the followers. I know this is not possible, but you can always keep a check on your replies & DMs. Focus on the present tweets on your timeline, why to waste time on past tweets. Don’t tweet, reply and retweet for that period.

4) I actually stuck a post-it note on top of my PC screen saying “Time is precious, don’t waste it”. It helped me in Twitter abstinence for long hours. Time Management is another key which can result in minimal tweeting hours.

Set up alarms and timers for the respective time you want to allot in your Twitter Time-Table.

Examples of Twitter Time-Table :

Open Twitter only after meals (4 X 20 minutes)


a) Early in Morning (30 min)
b) Evening time (1 hour)
c) Night before sleep (30 min)

5) I came up with a notion that if I tweet something original and sensible, the chances of getting followers and RT increases. So, creating an original & germane tweet was rare. My tweeting rate dropped down significantly (almost 80%) If you have an opposite philosophy, then simplyschedule your tweets.

In between if there is any anxiety. I used my mobile device to check replies and retweets. Avoid tweeting, just view replies.

Take some time, step by step to curb your addiction and begin tweeting normally with decent content instead of compulsively. Enjoy your Twitter interactions constructively with proper time management and you will soon see it under control again.

Do leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below.

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6 Responses to “Top 5 Ways To Control Your Twitter Addiction”

  1. MGAS (Orkut Comm.) November 7, 2010 at 3:20 am #

    Nice Read :)

  2. Jesse Oguntimehin February 9, 2011 at 6:30 am #

    Thanks for the insight.

    More people (including me) are getting addicted to this Twitter. It hinders productivity. I use to blog more often, since I became more regular on twitter everything changed.

    Following fewer people and tweeting original contents can help one really.

    Building depth in networks is better than amassing followers and crying for social approval. (If you follow me, I will follow you)


    • Rohan Aurora February 9, 2011 at 9:47 am #

      Thanks for the useful comment Jesse. Following @JesseOguns from now.

  3. Greg McMullen February 9, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    Really appreciated this read. Thanks for posting it!


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