Battle Cats Guide – Simple & Beginner Friendly

Battle Cats Guide

The Battle Cats has taken over the world. Its popularity is growing by day among players who don’t mind becoming the cat person. The trick of the game is becoming the cat person and your task will be to assist furballs fight off snakes and dogs. You will also have to attack stick figure people among other enemies. This simple Battle Cats Guide will help you navigate through the prime aspects of this wonderful game.

What is Battle Cats All About?

The dream of every player is to march their way to world dominance in their favorite and simplistic battle game using a Battle Cats Guide. Apart from the enemies listed above, you will also have to attack rival cats together with their strange armies. The rival cats have strange armies based around the world. For you to level up in the game, you must be ready to fight incoming attacks from the rival cats.

Once you are able to master all these skills as this is the best way of earning experience in the game. The experience you earn is what you will use to evolve your animals. Winning most strategic battle games takes a lot of intelligence and careful planning. With the Battle Cats it comes with a cartoony tactical feature which keeps the game simple and adorable.

The Fun Of Battle Cats

There are different tasks presented to a gamer on Battle Cats. Some of these tasks are fun while others are interesting. Helping your furry friends take rule the world as well as deflect incoming attacks from their enemies is very fulfilling. The most common enemies on the platform are; snakes, dogs and stick figure people.

However, this is not as easy as it seems as a lot of patience is required. You will have to wait until the time meter runs down and the money meter is filled up. This way, you will be able to deploy an attack cat into battle. Immediately they are deployed, the attack cats fight any incoming enemies together with their bases. The fight only stops when one side is destroyed.

If you have enough money in the money meter, you can spend it in upgrading your troops. However you have to be strategic and do so only when time is right. You can then use a weapon of your base. Once in a while you can spend a few bucks to top up your money meter and enjoy the game even more.

Parental guide

Battle Cats is a cutesy and cartoony game that is easy to play. The game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices and doesn’t feature any extreme graphics. Therefore, the game is safe for kids from 13 years and above. Although there are some sexy cats and a lot of fights, they cannot be termed as questionable. The fact that there is no dismemberment, blood or gore, makes it safe for your child.


If you are looking for a game that you can comfortably enjoy with your kids, Battle Cats should be your number one choice. There are a lot of tasks in the game and hence, you can share responsibilities and work as a team.