Boom Beach Warships – All in one Guide

Boom Beach Warships

What do you look for in a mobile game? How many have you been able to try so far? There are all sorts of online games to choose from, and all of them have a unique nature that you will be proud of. All you will need to do is to be a good strategist, and you will be able to take down any challenge you face in your gaming experience. Among all the games, you would say that Boom Beach Warships tops the list.

What is Boom Beach Hack?

Are you looking for a great strategy game? You would never go wrong with Boom Beach Warship as it combines attacks from other players. At the same time, you are allowed to attack other players as well as computer-generated (NPC) bases. The storyline of Boom Beach Warships is set in a humid archipelago. The player is seen on an island with troops and defenses.

The best thing about the Boom Beach Warships game is that you can play the game as a single player. Alternatively, you can choose to play in a team to make the game more fun and involving. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy using an expansive world map when searching for a hiding place as well as attacking your opponents.

Just imagine yourself comfortably sited at the comfort of your house fighting against a military force by the name “The Blackguard.” The Blackguard invades the archipelago and enslaves the locals simply because of the valuable Power Stones you find throughout the archipelago. Apart from the responsibility of giving freedom to these people, you can also make use of this same resource.

The challenges in Boom Beach Game

There are very many challenges that one faces in playing the Boom Beach game. It is your responsibility to save the locals from the military. At the same time, you can use the Power Stones you find throughout the archipelago to build buff-providing statues. The computer-generated Blackguard will appear on the map, and you are allowed to destroy them for resources.

If you are a fan of military-themed movies, you will have an easy time on this game as it is a replica of what happens in the real world. This means that playing Boom Beach games gives you an opportunity to exercise your expertise in dealing with your enemies. Every time you destroy your enemies and move a step ahead in the game, such a great feeling of satisfaction, you can never get anywhere else.

To ensure that you are well armed to fight against your enemies, you are provided with great weapons. You will also get resource bases on the map, which makes resource generation an easy task. However, the generated resources will be contested by all the players in the game. If you know how to use your weapons well, you’ll have the upper hand.

Different Features of Boom Beach Warship Game

As we had mentioned above, there are different things that make each mobile game unique. As a gamer, the most important thing you need to do is to understand how every game operates. It will also be important to understand the tricks that work in the game, and this is no difference with Boom Beach Warships. Among the most important points, you need to understand is how to use the submarine in searching for treasures.

Every game has its own resources, and when you go to Boom Beach Warships, there are War Chests, among other things. Every War Chest you encounter has different trophies inside depending on the level you are playing. Some of these treasures include;

1. The Trophy Path

The rewards you get in the game highly depends on your rank. Every battle you win will earn you Rank Stars, and the Rank Stars goes a long way in increasing your progression in the game and the Trophy Road. The moment you Rank up, you qualify for a Great War Chest that is full of Rewards. At the same time, the number of times you rank up can qualify you for a bonus, Chest!.

The rewards awarded are either familiar island loot or warship rewards.

2. New Rewards

Once you are through with Rank 1, 2, and three, you get to Unlock Tokens 4 and the Upgraded Tokens (5). You can spend all these awards on the Warship Tech Tree. Every time you spend the two awards, it opens you up to Tech Levels 6. Tech Levels 6 is of great use if you want to expand your Warship.

3. HQ Rewards

If you are not so familiar with the Boom Beach Warships game awards, the above mentioned might seem strange to you. However, the HQ Rewards opens you up to more familiar rewards. These include Wood, Stone, Gold, Intel, Iron, Power Stones, Diamonds, and Prototype Modules. Unfortunately, these rewards cannot be spent on the deck. Therefore, they are automatically sent back to the island.

The number of HQ Rewards you earn in the game will be determined by the Victory Points you have in the archipelago. Therefore, you need to ensure that you give it your best if you want to enjoy enough resources to keep you going in the game. The good thing about this is the fact that you will level up as you try to earn as many rewards as you can.

4. War Chests

This can be identified as the last Rewards Chests we have in the game. Before we go into details about the War Chests, it is important to understand that the Trophy Road has six different Tiers. These Tiers are: Iron, Stone, Gold, Diamond, and the last Tier is known as the Legendary Tier.

Each successive Tier qualifies you access to a bigger War Chest that you can use in the game. Every time a player ranks up, he/she is able to open the bigger War Chest. With all the skills you have learned over the different levels, you can now jump up and down with a smile of relief.

What Represents a Blackguard in The Game?

Lt. Hammerman, who is a commander, often represents the Blackguard. Lt. Hammerman runs a number of highly reinvigorated headquarters that run as the main objectives. At the same time, the LT. Occasionally launches attacks on the base of the player after passing a given level. This means the higher you go in the levels, the more interesting and challenging the game becomes.

Once you unlock level 15 headquarters, the Lt will again attack you. The opening of the prototype lab also guarantees an attack from the Lt for coins. To ensure he doesn’t get you, you must defend your team. Apart from Lt. Hammerman, you will also face Colonel Gearheart and Dr. T, who are Blackguard members running specialized bases that once in a while might appear as events. On top of these, you will also be expected to deal with other players that appear as blackguard mercenaries on the world map. These players make it easy for you as the gamer to attack their base and vice versa. Player bases will often offer you more rewards compared to CPU bases helping you win the game.

Importance of Different Resources in Boom Beach Warships Game

Every resource in the Boom Beach Warships game has its own importance. The first thing you need to understand is that the most common resources are four, and they include; Stone, Gold, Wood, and Iron. We also have Diamond, but since it is the premium currency, it is listed differently.

Every resource has unique importance. For example, if you want to train troops, launch attacks, and purchase upgrades for gunboat and troops’ abilities, Gold will do. Stone, Wood, and Iron are the ones that help the gamer to construct and upgrade buildings. The buildings constructed include; resource generators and storage.

With the three resources listed above, you can also be able to build supportive buildings that can be used for several functions. Last but not least, you can use them to build defensive measures to defeat your enemies. Once you upgrade your headquarters, you will be able to unlock more options for use in your base. You will also be able to unlock higher upgrade levels and more troops.


Having enough Diamonds means you will be able to speed up the time taken in upgrading a building. At the same time, you will be able to speed up the training of your troop. The Diamonds will come in handy when you get to level 15 and manage to open the Weapon Lab. However, more resources will be needed to build them.


Weapon Lab, just as the name suggests, offers you temporary defenses that you can choose from. The defenses are called temporary since you can reset them once a week. It is important to understand that you will encounter four parts players at this juncture. These are Critical Fuse, Complex Gear, Field Capacitor, and Power Rod. All these are found in Warship’s chests, Blackguard’s bases, or from a trader.