Brawl Stars Characters – A Complete Beginners Guide

Brawl Stars Characters

In Brawl stars, not just one or two but many characters, you will find. For some specific type of function, some special characters are there in this game. That is the reason character categorization becomes easier when we do it on the basis of some specific tasks. Some special categories for the Brawl Stars Characters are as below.

Trophy road award

Some of the main characters of this category include the names 

Nita, Shelly, Colt, bull, Jessi, brock, Dynamite, and others.

Among all of this Shelly, will be introduced to you since the very beginning of the game, and the rest of the characters keeps coming in between as the game processes to the next level. The other characters need to be unlocked with the help of some earned trophies.

Uncommon or rare 

There is a set of four unique characters. The name of these characters is El primo, Barley, Poco and Rosa.


It is one of the very important Brawl Stars Characters. It attacks his enemies with lobbing bottles and splash damage. He throws the bottles on the enemies. The bottles are filled with harmful liquids. It can harm the enemies to a great extent. The effect of the liquid becomes even more if the enemies don’t run and stand on the liquids. After a short time, the liquid disappears on its own.

El Primo

It can attack his enemy with its four short-range strikes. The range of these strikes and El primo is not much, but it is very quick. Speed and fastly escaping is the main power of this character.


This character of the Brawl star is very amazing. He attacks its enemies through the sound wave. The range of this sound wave is not much, but it spreads fastly in a large area. The super of this character is the sound waves that can go through the walls also.


Rosa is also one of the very important Brawl Stars Characters of the Rare category. It can hit short-range stones on its enemies. It can hit multiple enemies at the same time. It also has one shield to protect it. When it enters in any bush, it reduces 70% damage just in 3 seconds.

Very rare

This category also has four characters. The names of these characters are Rico, Darryl, Penny, and Carl. These characters also have some fantastic features and powers to damage the enemies.


There are three characters in this category Spike, Crow, and Leon. The specialty of the spike is to damage its enemy through its spikes or thorns. Crow can destroy its enemy with the poison. It can also remain invisible for three seconds in the crowd to escape from the enemies.

Final Thought

Above, we have discussed some of the very powerful and unique characters of the Brawl stars. The list is still not over. The two very important characters’ categories, epic and Mythical, are also there. With the clever and suitable use of these characters, you can win the battle of this Brawl Stars very easily.