How To Play Brawl Stars On PC – Apower Mirror

brawl stars pc

Brawl Stars game is a great team-battle game that is jam-packed with wild characters and lots of chaos modes to unlock and use. The player is given an option to play and choose from different game modes or to find a style that works best for them. With all the fun involved in the game, we all wish we would be able to play it on a bigger screen than our android phones.

The Brawl Stars Game involves Showdown where you play alone or with friends. On the showdown, your target is remaining the last Brawler standing. There is also Gem Grab mode, and in this game, the player is expected to collect gems while as he continues to fight against his enemies. The first to collect a total of 10 gems wins the game.

There is also another mode known as Bounty, which is played by accumulating as many stars as possible for your team by winning over your enemies. The winner is determined by the number of stars each team earns. The one with the highest number of wins is declared the winner. These are just a few of the modes you will come across in the game.

The Fun Of Using A PC In Your Gaming

Although there is a lot of fun playing your favorite game on your gadget, it is even more fun when you play it on a PC. This is because the PC has a bigger screen, and it is possible to control it using the keyboard and the mouse. Unfortunately, this is not a straightforward thing as the game is designed for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, we have prepared this article to give you the guidelines on how to go about it.


This is the best mirroring application gamers can use to mirror their phone screens into a larger screen display. This application works on both IOS and Android that supports Windows and Mac. It also allows the gamer to control their phone. This way, they will be able to play the game on PC, which will make it more fun to use.

Sharing videos and photos with your friends using this application will be so much fun. At the same time, this application allows users to display presentations with colleagues and classmates will also be easy. The good thing about playing Brawl Stars Game is that you will be able to control the game using the Keyboard, which means you will enjoy the game more than playing it on your phone.


Using the ApowerMirror to play Brawl Stars game on your PC doesn’t demand much. All you need to do is to download the game on both your device and your PC. Once you download, you will also need to connect the two either wireless using the same Wi-Fi server or using a USB cable. Open Brawl Stars game on your phone then click the “Keyboard” icon and enable accessibility of the ApowerMirror app. Once they connect, a pop-up button will appear where you are supposed to choose controls if asked to. The last step is to hit the “Save” icon, and you will be good to go.