How To Breed Legendary Monsters In Monster Legends – Free Breeding Guide

How To Breed Legendary Monsters In Monster Legends

Do you enjoy dealing with monsters? What is your idea of an ideal game? Have you ever tried learning how to breed legendary monsters in Monster Legends and what did you find more challenging? According to many players, Breeding Legendary Monsters is what challenges them the most. Hence, we thought it wise to give you simple details of what you need to know about Monster Legends.

What is Monster Legends?

This is an extremely famous game on Facebook. All that it requires is for players to collect as many monsters as possible. You need to level up the monsters and make them fight. To multiply your monsters, you will have to breed them. For regular gamers, they understand there are different categories on the platform. Some of these include:

  •   Common
  •   Rare
  •   Uncommon
  •   Epic
  •   Legendary

Getting the first four monsters is a bit easier than getting the Legendary monsters. This is because, Legendary monsters are the best.

Rules of Breeding Pairs

Although there are no set rules which guarantee which monsters produce legendary, there’s no problem in trying. The first and the second try might fail but with time. But with time, they will eventually produce legendary monsters. To finish breeding a monster legend takes you two good days, then an extra two days for the eggs to hatch.

This means that you will give enough time to purchase and construct a habitat where your legendary monsters will stay. The construction takes you two days and will cost you 5 million gold. However, if you don’t want to go through the process, you can purchase them from the store but not all of them.

A List Of Monsters We Can Breed

Below is a list of some of the monsters you can earn by breeding on Legendary Monsters.

1.   Darkzgul

To earn Darkzgul monsters you will breed two monsters which are Fayemelina and Darknubis. In case you don’t get Darkzgul after breeding Fayemelina and Darknubis, you can get other mobsters. These are: Zim after 21 days, Succuba after 16 hours, Flawless after 16 hours and Haze after 21 hours.

2.   Arch Knight

You can get Arch Knight legendary monsters by breeding Goldcore and Esthirel. In case you don’t get Arch Knight, you might get Light Spirit (21 hours), Goldcore (one day and 11 hours) and Freettle (six minutes) among others.

3.    Goldfield

This is another great legendary monster you earn by breeding Drop Elemental and Erpham. However, if you don’t earn Goldfield, you can get Pandalf (one day and 11 hours), Genie (16 hours) and Bloomskips (13 hours) among others.


You can only earn Esthirel through the Recruitment Tavern only.


There are many other how to breed legendary monsters in Monster Legends you can earn through breeding different monsters on the platform. Some of these include; Nemestrinus earned by breeding Darknubis and Rhynex. Lord of Atlantis is earned by breeding Drop Elemental and Razfeesh. Thorder is earned by breeding Tartarus and Rabidex while Vadamagma is earned by breeding Skipples and Duchess.