How To Cheat On Sims Freeplay – Latest Guide for 2021

How To Cheat On Sims Freeplay


Gaming is real, and gaming is fun. Nobody should ever make you feel guilty for being too much attached to your favorite game. As long as you are not addicted to it, then you are good to go. There are many online games and mobile games to choose from today, and one of the best is Sims Freeplay. With this article, we are going to help you learn how to cheat on Sims Freeplay.

What is Sims FreePlay?

For the fans of Sims FreePlay, you will agree with me that this is among the best and most involving mobile games. The game is not only fun to play, but it also teaches a lot about real-life and especially to young players.

Just like many other mobile games, we have in the market today, Sims FreePlay is restricted to children of 13 years and above. However, according to many experts who have had an opportunity of playing and reviewing the game, it is fit for young adults of 18 years and above. This is because; the game has some explicit features that are not fit for teenagers.

Between Sims FreePlay and Mobile, Which is Better?

This is a question that has been severely asked by many people. This, we can say it is a personal choice and preference, but according to many players, Sims Mobile is better than Freeplay. They find it easier to complete tasks and have their Sim start their career, hobby, or even relationships in mobile than in FreePlay.

The two, however, feature the same themes, and once you advance to higher levels, they work at the same level. But for beginners and learners, it would be much easier to start with mobile before getting started with FreePlay.

How Do You Get The Most XP in The Game?

Getting the most XP in the game highly depends on the expertise of the gamer. However, you can apply tips like baking to maximize your earnings. If you can make your sims bake Croissants, you will earn 1725 XP if you are able to inspire them. Although this process takes approximately 18 hours, it is worth trying.

The baking, however, goes with levels, and the more levels you reach, the better it is for you. If you go above level 21, you will be able to start baking danishes. Danishes earn you 2250 XP, and it takes 24 hours to complete.  

Is Sims FreePlay Cheats Important?

Downloading and playing Sims FreePlay is free of charge. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t spend real money in the game. Once in a while, when you need to earn more XP in the shortest time possible, you can choose to purchase them using real-life money.

If you are very good at the game, you might be able to level up without using a single buck. However, this is usually not very easy. For that reason, players are once in a while forced to spend money to purchase in-game items. You can spend more or less depending on exactly what you are looking for.

Buying these in-game items might prove to be an expensive affair. Although it might be easy for players who are financially stable, it might be challenging for those who aren’t. This is why it is important to learn how to cheat on Sims FreePlay. This cheat tool helps you enjoy different in-game items absolutely free of charge.

What Does Sims FreePlay Cheats Help In?

Every FreePlay cheat tool has different functions depending on the developer. There are those cheat tools that help you level up in the game; others earn you free XP and many others. Therefore, before engaging in any cheat tool, make sure it is providing you with exactly what you need.

Our cheat tools help in:

1. Manipulate Time

 Get the biggest cheat to help your Sims work better by manipulating time. Once in a while, we tend to miss out on sending our Sims to work. In normal circumstances, you are forced to wait until 24hrs are over to get that opportunity once again. However, with our hack tool, you have nothing to worry about any time is right for sending your Sims to work.

It is, however, important to understand that manipulating the time doesn’t mean that your Sims will work like magic. Once they start working, they will have to go through the 8 working hours, just like in normal working time.

2. To Cancel Action

The only way of canceling an action in the game to finish the action early than set is by paying LP. However, with our cheat tool for how to cheat on Sims Freeplay, you can work it out and finish your actions earlier than the set time. All that you will need is to have an idle Sim that you can play around with.

This works for almost all the actions. Whether it is baking, watching a movie, or farming. Your concentration should be on the idle Sim. The moment it moves towards the working Sim, tap it before it reaches the target. The other Sim will immediately drop the action, and that will be a done deal.

Once the Sim drops the activity, it is registered as a completed action. Therefore, if you are able to do several actions at a go, you will receive enough in-game rewards to help you level up in the game. This also makes your gaming more fun and much easier.

3. Get Unlimited LP and Money

This cheat for how to cheat on Sims Freeplay exists only for the players using the old version. You can choose to get your free LP; then you update to the newest version. The best thing with this cheat is that it allows you to get as many LPs as possible. However, if you are a new player, you cannot enjoy this as most probably, you downloaded the updated version.


The secret of enjoying yourself in this game is very easy. Make sure that you have all the basic information you need about the site. At the same time, trying the game once in a while opens your mind, and within a very short time, you will become a pro using this tool on how to cheat on Sims Freeplay.