Coin Master Free Coins – Genuine Methods

Coin Master Free Coins

Coin Master is an interesting strategy game where a player is expected to make villages using coins earned in the game. Every time you make additions to your village, you earn points (stars). The coins for building the village are earned through spinning the Slot Machine. The time you get started in the game, you are gifted with five spins. After that, you are rewarded with five free spins every hour. The spins you are rewarded after every hour might not be enough to build all the villages you need. Therefore, you need to take advantage of all the other different ways available to earn you enough coins in the game.

Below are a few ways of earning free coins on this exciting and engaging game.

1. Invite Friends On Facebook:

Every time you invite your Facebook friends into the game and they honor your invitation into the game; this earns you 40 free spins. Although this might seem small, the number is considerable bearing in mind that you have earned them free of charge. Your friends don’t have to play the game for you to win the 40 free spins. Once they download the app and log in using their Facebook accounts, your free spins are automatically added to your account. The secret here is inviting as many friends as you can as there is no limit to the number of spins you can earn in a day.

2. Sign Up For Email Gifts:

Once you sign up for email gifts, it is a free pass of earning many free spins daily. All that you will be required to do is to follow up a link sent to your phone. Although many players are very reluctant when it comes signing up for email gifts. This is because people fear of opening up their emails to spam messages. The good news however is, this has been going on for a long time, and no one has ever complained about receiving spam messages. Therefore, don’t let fear prevent you from enjoying your game by receiving free spins daily.

3. Request Spins As Gifts:

Another easy way of earning gifts on Coin Master is by getting them from friends. Some players are lucky enough to receive up to 100 spins every day from their friends on the game. This works most like normal life. The more friends you have on the game, the more spins you are likely to get from them. If you have a 100 and each of them sends you a single spin every day, that will mean you will have a total of 100 spins at the of the day.


It is always important to invest in having as many friends as you can in the app. This is because; it is one of the easiest ways of ensuring you remain on the game as long as you want. The above are just a few ways of earning free coins that will take you just a few minutes to accomplish. For that reason, you have no reason no excuse of not enjoying the game to the end.