Coin Master Free Spins – Daily Free Spins!

Coin master is a free-to-play mobile addictive game. In this, the players spin the slot machine to win coins, weapons, and shields. These are used to attack and raid villages and build your ultimate township. The slot machines are the primary source of earning free coins in this game with Coin Master Free Spins. The player can use the prizes earned through slot machines to progress further in the game, earn stars, and get higher in the leaderboard scores. 

Are you wondering how to get free spins in the slot machine? You have come to the right place. This game is a combination of the thrill of spinning the slots and the social battling of a clash of cans. Insufficient coins or lack of free spins spoils the joy of the game. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to get coin master free spins by avoiding the need to spend real money from your pockets. Most of these methods are easy to pull off without worrying about the complication of using them in between the game.

This article provides you with many ways to earn coin master free spins. These methods help you to continue playing the game without spoiling the thrill of the game. These methods also show you ways to earn free spins without the usage of your hard-earned money from your pocket on the premier spins from the games store. 


There are numerous ways to get free spins in the coin master game. The following are the most secure ways to collect free spins on coin master game and a few quick tips that can help you earn the rewards easily.


Coin Master gives you up to 5 free spins every single hour, and you can hold only up to 50 spins at a time. This means that for every 10 hours, you will reach the maximum of the spins you can get. Any spins you get after reaching the maximum number will not be accounted for your use. Sometimes, you can stock up to 60 or 70 spins depending upon your game level. 

TIP: Play the game every 2 to 3 hours to use the spins to get the maximum number of spins. This will help you get unlimited free spins, which helps you accumulate more and more coins. If you are detected for playing the game frequently, you would be rewarded with a huge number of extra spins. So it is worth the time you spend.


Each time you level up a village, you will be rewarded with either spin, XPS, coins, or pet foods. Initial stages, you will be rewarded with 10 spins or dozen coins as a reward for leveling up a village. Rewards become better as the level and the difficulty increase. 

TIP: You will have to purchase every single building required along with its improvement to level up a village. This will cost a huge amount of gold, and you will require a more number of spins to earn it. So, earn more free spins using other ways mentioned to level up your village.


Many games use video ad techniques to reward bonuses and prizes to the players. This method gives only a limited number of spins. To watch videos, scroll to the slot machine, click on the energy spin button on the bottom right. Sometimes the click option will not be available, which indicates that you run out of spins you can get for that day. 

TIPS: You can use this method only when you have less than 10 spins left in your stock. Also, you can earn only one extra spin per video, and you can earn only up to 10 such extra spins per day.


This is the quickest way to earn coin master free spins. These Gift Links can be earned in 2 ways: 

  1. Following Social Media
  2. Sign up for EMail

SOCIAL MEDIA: Every day, many links will be given for the users to follow to get free spins in the game. If you keep on top of this, you can win some free spins with minimum effort. 

TIP: Follow Coin Master on Facebook and Twitter to get links for free spins every day. 

EMAIL: Coin Master game official provides links to their fans by EMails. You can just click on the links given and earn yourself some free spins every day. To date, there hasn’t been any report of scams in this method. So it is the safest and easiest way to earn free spins. 

TIP: Sign up for Coin Master EMail Gift Spins. 


This is one of the simplest ways to earn coin master free spins. If you have more friends to play with, you can send and receive free spins among yourselves. This method can be used only if you have less than 50 spins. Each friend can give you only one free spin per day, and you can send and receive a maximum of 100 free spins per day. Though this is the simplest way, it is difficult to achieve unless you are very popular.

TIPS: Join Reddit and Facebook communities to find players who are ready to play with you. This way, you can earn more free spins by exchanging among yourselves.


Collect cards and complete sets to get rewards. Each time you complete a set of cards, you will be rewarded. These rewards can be coins or free spins. Cards can be rare cards or ordinary cards, but it gives you rewards each time.

TIPS: The more card sets you complete, the more you get the rewards.


This is another easiest way to earn tons of free spins. When you spin the slot machine, if you get 3 energy spin symbols in a row, you will get many free spins. 


Each time your friend downloads and installs a coin master game using the invite you have sent, you will earn you tons of free spins. You will get 40 free spins for every friend who joins the game using the Facebook invite you sent. The amount of free spins you get depends on the level you are playing. One of the best features of this method is earning a huge number of free spins, no matter how many spins you can stock. 

TIPS:  Your friend need not necessarily play the game. They need to download the coin master game and log in to using their Facebook account by using the link you have provided.


Participating in Coin Master events creates a great opportunity to win huge rewards and a surplus amount of 50,000 spins. There is always at least one event that is being conducted in the coin master game. When using the slot machine, look at the top right corner of the screen. If you see any virtual buttons under the menu, it indicates the event that’s happening. Click on that virtual button and enter the events, play, and win a surplus amount of gifts and rewards. Most of the time, the rewards for winning such events are massive. Sometimes, it can be coin master 400 spins links, or coin master 600 spins links, and many more. 



As this game is all about constructing buildings, buying pets, raiding other villages, and winning them, you should be careful about saving the coins you have earned. This is because, when others raid your village, you will be at the potential risk of losing the hard-earned coins, especially when you are out of shield and you haven’t locked your pets. 

Also, having huge coins in your pocket makes you the primary target for the raiders. So, it is always advisable to spend the coins whenever possible by upgrading your village buildings, preparing defenses by making more raid pigs, and adopting more pets.


It is always advisable to save spins, especially when you plan for big raids. The amount you earn from the raid is directly proportional to the amount of coin the other player has during the raid. So it is always advisable to stock free spins and also have Foxy equipped with an active pet as it has a big shovel to dig whenever you plan for big raids.


Collecting and completing a set of cards will always help you to earn more bonuses. So, each time you enter a village, try to purchase as many chests as you can afford to. These chests will offer you one-star cards to five-star cards. You can also get rewards like pet snacks, pet XP, or even extra spins. Fortune, epic, seasonal chests have the highest possibility of drawing 5-star cards.


The effect on the pet lasts only for 4 hours. So, if you do not have the time to play continuously for 4 hours, you should consider saving your pet’s activation until you have the time to spend to use the maximum utility of the pet. This even applies to Rhino, who doesn’t attack unless he is sent out to do so. 


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