Dragon City Breeding Guide -The Latest Guide 2021

Dragon City Breeding Guide

These days the online world is filled with a lot of games to play. Day by day, the number of these games is increasing rapidly. And it’s not possible for all to know all about every game. In order to remove these problems of people, now most of the games publish the gaming guide. Dragon city is one of the top-rated mobile games. Today we will talk about the Dragon City Breeding Guide, which helps the players to play this game very well.

Guide of the Dragon City Game

Dragon city game is based on the breeding of dragons. There are many dragons available in this game, and the quality, features, and look of all the dragons in this game are very different than each other. 

It’s not possible for the players to have knowledge of all the dragons without spending a very very long time in practicing and mastering this game. However, this Dragon City Breeding Guide can do it without spending much time cover it just for getting some knowledge about the breeding of dragons.

Here we can use this guide to breed any combinations of the dragon very well.

Let’s take the example of a cool fire dragon to gets the use of this guide.

Steps involved in breeding cool fire dragon

According to this guide, the following steps could be taken to get your cool fire dragon.

Select the breeding place

First of all, you will have to select the breeding place. It may be either a breeding mountain or a breeding tree. In case of a cool fire dragon, breeding mountains would be better to breed them.

Select the breeding pairs

After selecting the breeding mountains, the next step is to find the breeding button and tap on that. This heart-shaped breeding button is on the right-hand side of the screen. After selecting these options, you will be given the two columns on the screen. These columns will show the size, shape, and quality and name of the breeding dragons.

You can use any one dragon from each column to breed. Some possible combinations for the cool fire dragons are

● By combining ice and fire dragons, you can produce a more powerful dragon.

● By combining two soccer dragons, an elementary dragon can be produced.

● Adding the alpine and lava dragon gives a hybrid dragon.

● Laser and Dandelion dragons can be combined to make a super-powerful dragon.

● The combination of ice and dragons helps you to get a giant dragon that has superpowers.

Breeding time

After selecting the dragons, your breeding will start, and this may take quite a long time. This duration may be up to a few hours also in some cases, depending on the rarity of the selected breeding dragons.

To reduce this time, you may use your gems also. After the breeding time gets over, the hatching eggs will appear on the screen, tap on it. Now, after tapping, you have your new baby dragon with you. You can train this dragon for various purposes and battles.

Final Thought

Above, we have discussed just one use of the dragon breeding guide. However, this breeding guide has multiple uses to learn many things, tricks, and the general process of this game. The process of breeding legendary dragons is also detailed in this dragon city breeding guide.