How To Get Free Cat Food In Battle Cats – Reliable Easy Tips That Actually Work

How To Get Free Cat Food In Battle Cats


Food is very crucial for the survival of every living thing in actual life. The same way in Battle Cats, it is very important to feed the cats at all times. Purchasing the cat food might be a challenge unless you have what it takes. To make your gaming much easier and convenient, we have decided to give you reliable tips on how to get free cat food in Battle Cats on the platform.

Why Is Cat Food Important in Battle Cats?

Cat Food is very important in Battle Cats as it happens to be the currency used for in-app purchases in the platform. You need Cat Food to refill the energy, use god cat’s services and also restart a battle. You can also convert cat food into XP as well as buy power-ups to enhance gameplay. If you need to buy special cats except God cat, you can comfortably do so with enough Cat food.

It is with cat food that allows you to reward special cats and collab special cats. Therefore, if you want to level up in the game, the only secret is gathering enough cat food and you will be good to go.

Tips of Getting Cat Food

There are different ways of Cat Food on Battle Cats and some of them include; watching ads, Tapjoy offers and many more. At the same time, you can buy the Cat Food using in-app purchases. You can also earn cat food through the events, getting stamps and Stories of Legends sub-chapters. For example, if you beat a subchapter or an event, for the first time, you will be rewarded with 30 Cat Food.

At the same time, if it is your first time to beat the Outbreak Area, it will earn you 10 Cat Food. If you complete a GO-GO Pogo Cat mission it guarantees you free 30 food. With time, you will be awarded other random amounts of cat food as you continue in the game.

Items Purchasable With Cat Food

With enough cat Food, there is a lot you can achieve. Below are some of the things you can purchase with enough Cat Foods and the amount of Cat Food needed:

Continuing an already lost battle30 Cat Food
Healing Oasis (God’s miracle)5 cat Food(2 after CotC clear)
Wrath of God (God’s Miracle)20 Cat Food(6 after CotC clear)
Speed up (x9)50 Cat Food
Rich Cat (x7)150 Cat Food
Cat CPU (x20)180 Cat Food
Rare Cat Capsule (1 roll)150 Cat Food(30 if starter special)


The above is just a short list of the items you can use to learn how to get free cat food in Battle Cats. The amount of Cat Food needed for different items varies so know what you need before making any purchase.


Enjoy your favorite game on a platform that is set for a gamer who knows what real fun is all about. Battle Cats is a free-to-play game. However, you can spend a few coins once in a when need be.