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Although there are hundreds of online and mobile games in the market today, there is something very unique with Roblox. Therefore, many people are running to the platform to have a personal experience of the fun therein! This explains why the game’s popularity is growing in millions. However, have you ever known there is very little you can do on the platform without enough free Robux?

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What Are Robux And Are They Expensive?

If you are familiar with this platform, it might be not so easy to understand what Robux is. You hear everyone talking about them but do you really know what they are and how they work? Robux is the in-game currency used on Roblox gaming platforms. At the same time, they are the highest and the most expensive resource you can own as a gamer.

The more Robux you have, the better your gaming experience. The question of whether Robux is expensive or not is relative. This is because there are people who find them easily affordable, depending on the means they are using to earn them. For example, a game using hack tools will find Robux cheap and affordable. But those who buy them using real money find them quite expensive.

Does Free Robux Exist?

For many people, they believe that earning Robux at free of cost is next to impossible. Therefore, they have tuned their mind to always think of buying them anytime they are in want. This is a great way of showing your loyalty to the platform, as this is one of the ways they make money from gamers. However, it can be a very expensive way of spending your free time.

To make life much easier, it’s important to go for alternative ways of earning free Robux. Fortunately, there are very many genuine ways of doing this without having to risk losing your account. If you are the patient kind, all the ways listed below will work perfectly for you. However, if you want to level up much faster, you can try out different hack tools.

If you choose to go for hack generator tools, make sure that you go for the genuine ones. Most of the cheat tools are a scam, and this is why many players avoid using them. The good news is, not all hack generators are a scam. There are many genuine hack developers that have your best interest at heart. But if you are not ready to risk, below are four easy and reliable ways of going about it.  

Tips for Earning Free Robux

As stated above, there are different ways of earning Robux for free on the Roblox gaming platform. Some of these ways include:

1.       Becoming a Roblox Premium Member

Although we’ve listed this as the first and easiest way of to earn Robux for free, it is not totally free. Premium membership on Roblox requires you to part with a few bucks, but it comes with numerous benefits. I know our focus is much on earning Robux at free of cost, but where is the problem of spending a few coins to access the marketplace?

From the Roblox marketplace, you will be able to generate much of the Robux you are looking for at free of cost. At the same time, you will receive Robux free of cost every time you renew your membership. We can also not forget all the different bonuses listed down for Roblox Builders Club Members. The Roblox Premium membership gives you access to great economy features that regular members cannot have access to.

These economic features include the ability to buy, selling, and trading on Roblox Marketplace. As a Roblox Premium member, you will be entitled to a monthly Robux stipend. Once in a while, you might be forced to buy Robux using real money, and this is where the fun of being a Premium member comes in. for any Robux you buy directly from the store, you are given a 10% bonus.

As we all know, the trick and the fun of playing Roblox is the opportunity of developing your own game. For free members they receive very little as payouts for their games. However, if you are a game developer and have Premium Membership, any sales you make from your game will earn you bigger payouts!

2.       Trading in The MarketPlace

Roblox has a marketplace where they give their players an opportunity of showcasing their creativity skills. There are different items you can sell at the Roblox marketplace. Just like a normal market, the more trendy your product is, the more Robux you will earn from it. Therefore, before you place any item in the market for sale, make sure that you have given hid to the smallest details.

On the Roblox gaming platform, you not only find help in creating your games from scratch. You are also provided with a complete clothing customization tool that makes it easier for you to design your own clothes. This is where we encourage the importance of being a Roblox Premium member. This is because, without the membership, you might not be able to do much in the marketplace.

For Roblox Premium members, they will be able to trade the items and clothes they create on the Roblox marketplace. To ensure that you come up with marketable products, you must know what people like. Having an eye for fashion is a paramount requirement for you to be able to cope up with great designs.

Your first designs might not earn you much, but they will be good enough to keep you going. Just like creating a hit Roblox game, your skills will be sharpened as you continue creating more items. Since there are different items you can create and sell, choose the one that you are more comfortable with. If you are more gifted in creating hats, concentrate on that, and sharpen your skills even more.

3.       Developing A Game on The Platform

Your creativity in Roblox is very important. This is because it will determine how fast you are able to receive payouts from the games you develop. Payouts from own developed games are actually the fastest and the cheapest way of earning or buy Robux on the Roblox platform. If you are able to come up with a popular game, you will earn more than you need.

Creating a game that will go high above all the other games developed on the platform is not easy. But what is the need to join the platform if you are not ready to join the challenge! Give it your best shot and believe in yourself. Within a very few days, you will get to the top! You might not get things right at first, but practice makes perfect. With perseverance and hard work, you will soon get there.

At the same time, Roblox gives you a robust game development tool. These tools make it easier for you to create some complex and popular games on the platform with just a few moves. Although learning how to code gives you an upper hand, it is not necessarily important at the start. Obbys (obstacle courses) is one of the most popular games on the platform.

If you are a fan of YouTube, there are also hundreds of tutorial videos that will make it easier for you as a beginner. For daring gamers, there are tons of scripting languages on the Roblox web that teaches you how to go about on the more advanced stuff. Join the club of real gamers and create a game like no other!

4.       Selling Your Gaming Passes

The easiest way of earning Robux for free through your developed game is by selling gaming passes. Every new gamer who will sign up on the platform through your game’s landing page earns you free Robux. If you want to earn even more Robux for your Roblox Game, try to sell Game Passes. In case you don’t know what game passes are. These are special items that provide you with perks and abilities.

The perks you earn by selling a Game Pass entirely depends on you. These perks include; ability to fly, super speed, or a cool new weapon. With a great player base, you can promote your Game Pass to them and watch as free Robux comes rolling in!

Roblox gives its gamers the freedom of setting up their Game Passes to whatever amount they want. Before you set the price, you can experiment a bit. If your fans give you positive feedback, you can be sure you’ve hit it right. You can as well adjust the content and the benefits of the Game Pass to give the best to your players. Let them feel value for their money.


Above are just a few ways gamers use to earn Robux for free on the Roblox platform. There are many others like inviting friends to the platform, receiving gifts and rewards from your friends, and many others. Therefore, if you have friends who are into gaming, why not invite them to Roblox. Every time you send an invitation link to a friend and they join, you are entitled to receive free Robux. You will also be rewarded when your referrals purchase something on the platform.