Games Like Boom Beach – More Similar Games

Games Like Boom Beach

Being a Boom Beach enthusiast means you have slowly grown with it over time. The simulation and management aspects of the game have managed to keep you attached to it for a long time. However, it is now time to try out on a different game that shares the same graphics and Boom Beach. Below are some of the games like Boom Beach that you can give a try.

1.   Jungle Heat: War of Clans (2013)

This is a cross platform social game where players are able to download on any device. Another advantage that comes with this game is that you can access your account from any other device. Jungle Heat is a base building and management game with different tasks presented to a gamer. One of the major things you will be expected to do is to build a military camp in the middle of a jungle.

Just like any other game, Jungle Heat: War of Clans has in-game currencies. One is basic currency while the other one is premium. Earning the basic coins is pretty easy as you earn them every time you complete events and quests. However, earning the premium in-game currency is quite challenging. This is because you will be expected to invest real world money in the platform.

2.   Clash Of Lords

When it comes to all the games that have similar graphics with Boom Beach, Clash of Lords is among the best. This is the name of a real technique and its planning is centered on recreation with inventive and enjoyable new winds on the category.

Clash of Lords starts from greater than forty legends with their squads of opponents of fortune. The gamer then advances to a base and is expected to withstand ambush and join the team of other sidekicks. The team opposes your adversaries in PvP and PvE modes. The game mechanics in the Clash Of Lords 2 are isolated.

3.   Plunder of Plates

This is an MMO themed on pirates. The game finds its inspirations from games like ‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Boom Beach’. The game was developed and published by Midoki for android and iOS devices. The main aim of Plunder of Plates is to recruit and train pirates to explore the ocean as well as search for loot.

You will also be expected to build and upgrade your defenses to offer security to your loot. This is exactly as what happens on ‘Clash of Clans’ or Boom Beach’. The only difference is that on Plunder of Plates allows you to change the angles of the game camera. This is because, initially it is full 3D.


There are more than 10 games with features that are closely related to games like Boom Beach. However, each of these games have something unique that is not available in the other. Additional games include; Army of Heroes, War of Beach, X-War: Clash Of Zombies and Star Wars: Commander among others. All these games are closely related and follow features from each other hence, they are all worth trying!