How to get diamonds in mobile legends?- Simple Method

How to get diamonds in mobile legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer mobile epic game developed by Moonton. You can buy Mobile Legends: Bang Bang diamond with Instant email delivery from MTC Game. It is available worldwide and authorized by dealers. It is a secure and safe payment method. Here is how to get diamonds in mobile legends.

There are many characters available in mobile legends who are called heroes. Heroes are one of everyone’s favorite parts of Mobile Legends, letting you change your battle approach and adding a new element of personalization to your play. But new heroes are very expensive to get; you have to get them using diamonds. You can earn points and tickets in this game and also use them to buy heroes, but some heroes cost diamonds which is a much more difficult currency to come across.

The main reason that diamonds are so essential for us to have in the game is that you can use diamonds to buy heroes. Diamonds are like virtual currency in mobile legends and are very hard to get in mobile legends, but there are some ways to get these valuable diamonds.


You may wonder how to get diamonds in mobile legends? But do not worry, here are some ways to make diamonds by streaming, lucky spin, tournaments, recharge, or purchasing them in mobile legends shops for varying amounts of money. Like most free-to-play games, this game also has a system where the more you buy, the more you get as free bonus rewards, including diamonds.

Streaming- here, you can earn diamonds by streaming mobile diamonds since by streaming your gameplay, other players who watch your video send a gift to you, and gifts may be a flower, jewelry, roadster, yacht, and airplane. In mobile legends, each number of diamonds is indicated by different figures. Flower gift indicates two diamonds; jewels indicate six diamonds. Roadster means two hundred and fifty diamonds, yacht equals a thousand diamonds, and airplane means five thousand diamonds. This method is the easiest way compared to the other ways to earn diamonds in mobile legends.

Lucky spin- as the name says, the lucky spin will be available in the game underdraw section, and after each spin, you can earn skins and exchange these skins for heroes, and save diamonds this way.

Tournaments are challenging to earn diamonds, but you can join a tournament to win diamonds and even real money if you are an outstanding player. The rewards for these kinds of tournaments will be more than thousands of diamonds, but again you can use this method to earn diamonds only if you are good enough to win these tournaments.


  1. What kind of game is mobile legends?

    Mobile Legend is a fast action and reflexive strategy combined online game.

  2. Can mobile legends be considered as a competitive game?

     Yes, mobile legends is a competitive game, and you will surely have fun playing it.

  3. Is mobile legends available on pc?

    Yes, mobile legends are also available on pc but only on ios now, and we can experience unlimited fun on both pc and smartphones.

  4. How to get diamonds in mobile legends 2021 for free?

    Live to stream, tournaments; YouTubers give away events are some of the ways where you can learn how to get diamonds in mobile legends in 2021.