How To Get Free Simoleons On Sims Freeplay – Easiest & Most Effective Way!

How To Get Free Simoleons On Sims Freeplay


Gaining an upper hand in the gaming world is the dream of every gamer. However, this is not very easy without using shortcuts. Regardless of which game you are playing there is always the need of having a shortcut. There is no difference when it comes to playing Sims Freeplay. If you are looking for tips on getting how to get free Simoleons on Sims Freeplay platform, here is how.

What is Sims Freeplay?

This is a widely popular game developed by EA Mobile. It is a social and strategic life simulation game that gives gamers the urge of controlling their virtual lives. Whatever you experience in the game is exactly what happens even in real time. The overall game will run in real-time and this will irritate some players.

It is important to understand that Sims Freeplay is a free-to-play game but a pay-to-win game. This means, if you want to progress fast in your gaming, you must be ready to part with a few bucks whenever need be.  

Does Sims Freeplay Cheats work?

If you are the patient type, there would be no problem progressing in the game. However, if you want to experience real fun as a gamer, you must progress through different levels. Every new level has a challenge of its own. Therefore, the more levels you are able to unlock, the more the fun. This is the reason why some people spend real money on in-game purchases.

This is where our cheat tool comes in. no matter how rich you are, you might not have enough to spend on gaming. Therefore, the only option left is to learn how to use the cheat tool. The cheat tool will help you to learn how to get free Simoleons on Sims Freeplay as well as Lifestyle Points or LP.  

How To Earn Simoleons Faster

Simoleon is a game currency used in buying many valuable things on the platform. There are different tasks you can accomplish in the game to earn Simoleons. This process however is quite slow. Therefore, you should look for an easy way of earning these simoleons much faster and in a cheaper way. Here are the steps you should follow.

1.   Log in to a boat party.

2.   Once logged in, jump out of the boat and head to the NBRs. NBRs are at the top close to the Simoleons.

3.   Go to an empty lot or a house as the next step.

4.   To select the NBR pictured tab, move to the store.

5.   There are different objects in the store. Choose what you need. The amount will be determined by your neighbors. The next step is to buy the objects then place them in an empty lot.

6.   Pick all your purchased objects and place them in your inventory.

7.   Log out of Facebook using the sims.

8.   The last step is to sell the property and you will get all the Simoleons you need.


Apart from selling properties on the platform, you can also decide to play with time. Time cheats are also essential as going through the real-time is very frustrating!