Granny Roblox – The Ultimate Horror Game In Roblox

Granny Roblox

Roblox has given its users a platform where they can develop their own games. This has led to many more games being developed on the platform some ones of these games being Granny Roblox. In this article, we are going to list down everything you need to know about Granny Roblox, what it is and how it works.

What Is Granny Roblox?

This is a fun but very scary game. Although it has been rated as a game to be played by players above 13 years old, this age limit should be increased. This is because some of the graphics featured on the game might be too scary for a 13-year old player. The game is however fun to play and new things are added to the game to make it more fun.

Some of the things players wish were added to the game include; multiplayer mode, online mode, and fun mode. This means, with these modes, we will be able to move around the house without fear of being attacked and killed by granny. They should also add more areas and ways of escaping in the house to ensure the game lasts longer.

Is Granny Human?

There is very little known about the origin of Granny since it is not mentioned in the game. However, much of what is known is that you will find Granny’s robux gratis house isolated in a dark forest. This might suggest that Granny can be either an entity or a demon. She has hazy white red eyes which brightly glows in darkness. This again connects her with the supernatural world.

Her relationship with Slendrina is another fact to convince that she is not human. This is backed by the fact that she is immortal and no matter how much you shoot her, she still survives. Even when you shatter the Granny’s body with the Freeze Trap, somehow, she will get out of it and survive.

However, some confusion comes in after the beginning of Chapter Two where we meet Grandpa. The appearance of Grandpa strongly implies that Granny was once human and might have killed a previous victim. According to evidence found in Granny’s house, it gives the impression that she was once cannibal at some point.

Granny’s Appearance

As we mentioned before, this game is quite scary and not a good choice for children under 13 years. One of the scary graphics in the game is Granny’s appearance as she appears as an ugly, demented old woman. At the back of her hair you find some gray hair and she has a long dirty face. Her eyes are white with bloody rim and bloody teeth.

The dirty gray nightgown completes her zombie-like appearance to be exact. In her hands, she holds a bloody baseball bat and she shows no hesitation towards using the bat as a weapon. Although her eyes work in scaring the player, they also come in handy in alerting you of her appearance when it is dark.

How The Game Starts

Granny Roblox is an interesting game where a new day starts on the bloodstain which is usually in the middle of the basement. Granny will spend a few seconds on that spot and then will randomly move around the house. However, if the player makes some noise to startle her, she moves towards your direction.

The Granny’s intention of moving around the rooms is finding the player. Although she will start with slow steps, she will then intensify her steps the moment she’s made aware of your presence. Any noise from either side interacting with environmental hazards like dropping an item is an enough alert for her.

Granny identifies the position of the enemy ‘player’ when he or she makes a slight movement. She will then move towards the player and she will easily see where you are hiding as she has varying eyesight. There are a few things that determine Granny’s eyesight including the difficulty of identifying the enemy.

If you want to escape her it would be wise to crouch as it significantly reduces her ability to trace you. Crouching affects her eyesight so much as she can easily ignore you crouching in front of her. Being inside a hiding place can also reduce the Granny’s ability of seeing you. Hiding places like the crawlspaces are the best as Granny can’t enter there.

How To Effectively Hide Yourself From Granny

Your survival on Granny Roblox is highly determined by how good you are in hiding yourself from Granny. Therefore, apart from crouching and looking for a hiding place, you can also use other tips in going about it. If you want Granny to go almost completely blind, the easiest way of doing this is by running into tunnels.

Granny doesn’t only find it difficult to enter into a tunnel but she is also not able to see clearly where there is a tunnel. When Granny sees you getting into a tunnel, she just watches them and shakes her head in disappointment for not being able to catch the enemy.

Although making some noise might work in confusing Granny, most times, it doesn’t work. This is because, once she spots you, she will move towards your direction regardless of noise coming from elsewhere. She will even find the quickest route towards the player to trap him/her as fast as possible.

If different noises are made, granny takes time to investigate to find the most recent noise if she can’t trace the player. Once she is through with her investigations, she either speaks or laughs in mockery. Once she is through with her investigation, she will lay a bear trap for you. If you are caught, Granny will force you to face her then she will hit you with the bloody baseball bat.


If you are not a fun of horror movies, you might be scared by the graphics in Granny Roblox. However, if you are the tough kind, this is one of the most interesting and fun Roblox in-game developed games that you will never get enough of!