How does Patreon work – Things To Know Before Starting A Patreon Page

How does Patreon work

Patreon is a platform for creators to get paid by fans or followers they have for every article or video they post. It is an American membership platform for creators and their fans across the globe. In this article, we have explained how does Patreon work.

Patreon is a traditional and an old idea, where aristocrats pay them to create and enjoy their creation. 

As a creator, they will be paid per post they release or get paid every month. They make a post to teach us, attract us, make us laugh, and their work could tell us many more.Creators are welcomed from every kind, YouTubers, musicians, writers, podcasters. Patreon builds an independent working room for all individual creators.

As a fan or follower, you can join any Patreon community, there are different communities, and you can enter your favorite creator’s community and pay for their work that you like and share your love. You can pay them per work they post or deliver them per month.

Let me explain to you with an example of how does Patreon work.

If you pay $3 per post and, if the creator releases five posts in a month, you will be charged a total of $15 for that month. This also means the creator gets paid regularly.Patreon offers a monthly subscription plan, and you can choose the plan that you needed.

Sustainable payment with freedom is what we are longing for, and patron is one such platform to help us.Patreon is aimed at long-term projects, i.e., it does not focus only on the one-time project but also looks for creators who help in fundraising for long-term projects.

If you are a creator, then Patreon is your platform. Start a page right away and provide an opportunity for your fans to become a patron and learn how does Patreon work.

Learn more about how a Patreon works!

  • Generally, Patreon charges a 5 to 12 percent commission from the creator’s monthly income.
  • Patreon pays an average of $12 to creators per month for the work they launch. There are 3 million monthly active Patreon.
  • These are the top paid Patreon creator who earns more than $200000 a year,
  1. Youtubers
  2. Canadaland
  3. Scishow
  4. Bad faith 
  5. Easy allies
  6. Last podcast on the left 
  7. CGP grey
  8. Chapo trap house 
  9. Amanda palmer
  10. Philip defranco 
  11. Sam harris 
  12. Kurzgesagt- in a nutshell
  13. Second captains
  14. Crash course
  15. Kinda funny 
  16. Ave 


  • Payment processing may take time some time,
  • You may take more time to get used to this platform


  • Sustainable payment 
  • Work on what we are good at
  • Work on what we love the most 
  • Connects with more people 
  • Fast-growing community