How To Break In 8 Ball Pool – Tricks & Tips

How To Break In 8 Ball Pool

If you are a fan of pool games, you will definitely enjoy the unique moves on 8-Ball Pool. The moves are not only unique and fun but also simple to master. With just a few days or even hours on the game, you will be totally lost in it. Things will however even get better if you get tips on how to break in 8 Ball Pool. There are many tips you can use and some of them are listed below:

1.   Beginner Break

Just as the name suggests, this is meant for beginners and inexperienced players. This however doesn’t mean that you cannot use the technique even if you have become an expert. If you haven’t managed to master the game well, and isn’t able to play on Force 6 and Spin 5, the beginner break might be the best choice for you.

To make good use of the Beginner Break, move the white ball on the line until you reach the top quarter. Make sure they are on equal height as the upper spot. The second move will be targeting the second last ball which is also on the top side. This will give you a 5 degrees angle.

Once all this is done, concentrate on the white full backspin and hit it with maximum power. With this move, you are sure that one of your balls shall be pocketed. The rest of the balls will also be well spread waiting for your next move.

2.   Intermediate & Pro Player Break

This is a bit more powerful than the beginners break. Therefore it is not advisable to use it if you have a cue lower than Force 6 and Spin 5 because you will definitely fail. The intermediate break can be played from two different positions. You can choose to approach it from the bottom left mark or the front of the pocket which is on the right side.

Although we might have different preferences when it comes to choosing the two options above, the first one works better for many players. This is because, placing the white accurately from the left is easier than from the right. The next challenge now comes in aiming the ball. You should take your time and ensure you aim it right which you can achieve by aiming at the striped 12.

Once you place your stick properly and are able to aim at the ball striped 12, you should be very careful in hitting it. Set a full backspin then hit with full force to ensure you give your striking a nice start. This will draw you steps closer to winning the game.

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Your secret in winning the game is highly dependent on the choice you make before striking the ball. It is advisable to hit with full force after a full backspin to ensure the ball goes directly to the pockets. With the two tips given above, your win in the match will be a sure deal.