How to Breed Cool Fire Dragon in Dragon City – Simple guide for 2021

How to Breed Cool Fire Dragon in Dragon City

Dragon city is one of the most loved video games on mobile these days. This game is based on breeding cute little dragons with more than a thousand combinations of different dragons. These breed dragons can be trained and finally be used in a battle with another dragon master. After winning the levels, you can win the skins and different accessories to decorate your dragons. Below is given the method how to breed Cool Fire Dragon in Dragon City which is one of the very famous cool fire dragons.

Open the app

First of all, you need to find the app in your mobile and then open it. If it is not installed, you need to install it. If you are not able to open it still, check for any update available, and if it’s available, update it.

Breeding Mountains

Breeding mountains is the place where only you can breed the dragons in this game. Here you can breed all different types of dragons along with this cool fire dragon with this guide on how to breed Cool Fire Dragon in Dragon City.

Breed icon

For starting the next step, you will have to tap on the breeding icon in the game. It is generally a red-colored heart-shaped icon. The position of this icon is on the right-hand side of the screen downside.

Select the dragons 

After tapping the breeding icon, the two columns of the dragon types, names and images would appear on the screen. Here from you can select the type of dragon you want to breed your favorite dragons. Some possible combinations for breeding cool fire dragons are.

● Dandelion dragon and Laser dragon

● Soccer dragon and Soccer dragon

● Ice dragon and flame dragon

● Ice dragon and firebird dragon

● Alpine dragon and Lava dragon

After setting your favourite combinations from any of the above, you will have to tap on the start button.

Waiting for the finishing of the breeding process

The breeding process doesn’t happen instantly. It takes some time, which depends on the type of dragon you choose. The time may also vary according to the power and nature of the dragon. This time may be from few minutes to few hours. But if you want to finish this breeding process instantly, you will have to spend some gems on it.


After all the above steps, the next steps come to hatch the eggs. In this step, you have to tap on the egg given on the screen. After this hatching, you will get your cool fire dragon. Along with this one, questions may also appear on the screen like ‘what would you like to do with this dragon.’ Here you would select the option place.

Final Thought

Above, we have discussed how to breed the cool fire dragon in dragon city. You have noticed some given options of combinations for breeding the dragon. Among all those combinations, if you choose the best one according to your need, you will get a good dragon in comparatively less time as per the requirement of the battle you plan.