How to Download Onlyfans Videos – Never Seen Before Tips

how to download Onlyfans Videos
onlyfans videos

There are a number of social media sites on the web. This site has some adult content; that is the reason this site is not for the family members. Many of the posts of this site have some videos which everyone wants to download. Below we have shared two methods on how to download Onlyfans Videos from your onlyfans account.

You can use any of these two methods as per the compatibility of your system to download the videos from your account post. 

Through Onlyfans enhancer extension and google chrome

On google chrome, you can find many extensions these days. These extensions work just like any other app withing Google chrome. Onlyfans enhancer is one of such extension on Google chrome. In chrome on the left upper side, the setting menu is there from this select the tool option.

Under this tool options, you can find the extension tab. On opening this tab, you will find many options of extensions to download and add as an additional app on google chrome. This extension will be shown on the left upper side of the chrome whenever you will open the chrome.

Now you have to open your onlyfans account on google chrome. Now with the help of this onlyfans enhancer, you can learn how to download Onlyfans Videos from any post of your account. Adding this extension, you will be able to see download options on every post where you can see some videos or photos.

Through downloader plugin and firefox

Downloader plugin works with the firefox browser very well. So for downloading the videos from only fans, you will first have to open the firefox browser. If you don’t have it already, install it first from any suitable medium.

After installing the firefox, you need to download the downloader plugin. When it be downloaded, it will appear on the top of the firefox browser, whenever you will open it. It also works somewhat, just like the chrome extension. After downloading this downloader plugin, you need to open the only fans’ website and login with your email id and password.

If you don’t have the email id and password already, you may have to purchase it as the account on this site is not for free. However, if you have the account, log in. Now, if you see any post there having some videos content in it, you would also be able to see the download link beside that.

You may also find the option to convert the resolution or the type of the file. If all done, you need to click on download, and your file will be downloaded. Now you can find this file in your download folder and can access that any time offline.

Final Thought

Above, we have discussed two very important methods of downloading onlyfans videos. Its recommended to you all, not going for any unsafe way of downloading as it may cause unnecessary trouble for you sometimes.