How to Get Battle Tokens in Sniper 3D – Few Best Methods in 2021

How to Get Battle Tokens in Sniper 3D

Mobile games are one of the must-have apps in every mobile these days. People love to play these games. Among these games, many of the people, especially the teens and youngsters, want to play shooting games a lot. One of the best such games is Sniper 3d. In this article, we will get to know what is Sniper 3D and how to get battle tokens in Sniper 3D.

What is sniper 3d

As we told above too, Sniper 3D is a game where you have to shoot the assassin in the game. This game can be played both online and offline. Here you play the role of one-man army mostly. There are different levels in this game that can be unlocked on paying some game currencies. In these levels, you will also get the chance to win the currencies.

There are mainly three currencies in this game coins, diamonds, and battle token. The battle token is used to buy gear. Now you must be thinking what is this gear if you are not familiar with the game. The gear enhances the capacity to withhold the attack of the opponent. The more gear you get, the tougher it becomes for the opponent to kill you in the game.

Pvp arena

Pvp arena is one of the battle places where you can earn a battle token. The more vigorously and effectively you fight and kill the opponent in this arena, the more chances you get to how to get Battle Tokens in Sniper 3D.

Squad wars are also the places where you can get the battle token. Just like these, some more events are there to get battle token, yet the number of such events is less as compared to the opportunity of earning coins and diamonds.


Just like all the game hacks, Sniper 3D also has hacks there to earn more battle tokens. One of the most popular hack is using game guardian. Game guardian is a very popular tool to hack almost all mobile games. 

This app works well with the android device, which is rooted. So you must be having a rooted android device to use this app. After verifying whether your device is rooted or not, and if you find it to be rooted, you have to open the guardian app.

Here you have to open the Sniper 3D game app in this app. After opening this game, you have to select the values equal to the value you earned earlier. Then after you can multiply this value, after some minimal setting, numerous times.

Here one thing you have to take care of is not using your previously won awards as this hack works only when you have some already won awards in your account.

Final Thought

These were some of the methods. You can use to get more battle coins. Though we have recommended just two ways to get battle coins, there might be even more. However, before applying any hacks, take care of all the consequences of that hack very well.