How to Get Diamonds in Geometry Dash – Easiest Method

How to Get Diamonds in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is one of the top-rated video games which are quite popular these days. In the game, there are many levels to unlock. Each level enhances the thrill among the players. Diamonds are essential in this game. Today we will give you some methods on how to get diamonds in Geometry Dash to earn a diamonds in this game.

Uses of diamonds

Diamonds play a crucial role in the game. With the help of the diamonds, you can buy new things in the game. You can also unlock the new level and get some new accessories and also purchase many things from the shop within the game with the use of these tips on how to get diamonds in Geometry Dash.

Let’s know how to get them one by one.

Method 1

One of the prevalent ways to earn diamonds is through the daily chest. There are two types of daily chest, small daily chest, and big daily chest. The little daily chest you can open every four hours a day means 6 times a day. The big chest can be opened just once in 24 hours. The number of diamonds earned in the big chest is more than those earned in the small daily chest.

Method 2

The daily level is another way to earn diamonds here. In the everyday level, you can get some diamonds on completing the level and some bonus also if you complete it fantastically. Daily you will get different levels, and the number of diamond and bonus diamonds to complete that level is different in each level. For example, if you complete the Tranquility level, you will get 6 diamonds to complete it and three as a bonus.

Method 3

Daily quest is also one of the easiest ways to earn diamonds on geometry dash. Daily you will get mainly three quests. First, it will be most comfortable in which you can make 3 diamonds. The second one is normal, where you can get 6 diamonds. The last and the hardest daily quest gives you a chance to win 9 diamonds. Thus just by using daily quests, you can earn up to 18 diamonds per day.

Method 4

The last but not the least is the treasure room. For entering here, you may have to spend some coins also. Even the keys and Mana orbs you can use to join this room. Not just the diamonds but many different rewards you can get here depending on your luck.

Though it’s not sure to get the diamond all the time here, the number of the diamonds may be huge sometimes, whenever you get it. Even up to 20 diamonds, you can get just in one single chance here.

Final Thought

So now you are well aware, how to earn diamonds in Geometry Dash. If you daily use these methods, soon after someday, you can collect a considerable number of diamonds. These diamonds can be further used to get some more rewards and unlock some exciting levels and tools. Make sure the read the information religiously so that you can play this game and earn diamonds, as mentioned.