How to Get Free Gems in Monster Legends

How to Get Free Gems in Monster Legends


Monster Legends is a multiplayer, role-playing gaming platform. In this game, the player takes on the role of a trainer and trains the monsters acquired by him/her. As the trainer progresses in the game, he/she collects new creatures and further develops their fighting abilities.

The game has two types of currencies, gold, and gems, which help the players to buy new monsters, speed up a process, and raise monsters. Gems are more critical in this game, which is why every player looks for ways on how to get Free Gems in Monster Legends. You can buy new gems through in-app purchases, or you can get them for free. 

Here are some ways to get Free gems:

Watch videos: 

Watching MonsterWood videos is a great way to get free gems. You can watch a trailer to get a free gem, or you can watch ads that pop up on the app to get gems.

Complete tasks: 

MonsterWood also has tasks that you can complete to get free gems. These tasks may include downloading free apps that you might find useful.

Log in through Facebook: 

Logging in to the game through your Facebook profile will also give you free gems. You can do this process for one time only. 

Complete Dungeons: 

Complete dungeons within the given time period by fighting other monsters. After finishing every fight, you can get free gems. This can be regarded as the smartest way of acquiring gems. 

Daily rewards: 

If you log in to the game every day, you will get certain rewards, which could be in the form of gems hence this another way on how to get free gems in Monster Legends.

Top 5000 rank: 

If you are able to claim a rank in the top 5000 players, you will be able to earn many free gems. It will take you some time to get there, but it will be worth it.

Adventure Map: 

After completing a node on the map, you will get a reward in the form of gold, food, experience, monster eggs, and sometimes gems. As you move further in the Adventure Map, you can fight battles with the bosses, which will help you get free gems.

Know where to look: 

When you clear rubble and fallen meteorites, you will get a reward. This reward can be in the form of gold, food, or gems. This is a good way of earning gems without having to do much because these tasks take only 5 minutes.

Spin the wheel: 

Another simple way of earning free gems is spinning the wheel or the roulette. You will get one gem here, but the farther you go in the map, the more gems you can get.

Use your stamina:  

There are three ways of using your stamina, that is, by fighting in multiplayer, entering dungeons, or going on the adventure map. While playing multiplayer, if you are in a higher league, you can get more gems.

Final Thought

These are some tips, but always remember to use your gems wisely. As these gems are a little hard to come by, you must use your gems carefully. This can be done by not spending gems on speeding up the hatching process, or breeding, extracting, etc. Use them, keeping in mind the time you have to wait and spend only if you absolutely have to.