HOW TO GET FREE V-BUCKS? – Easy Techniques


Fortnite has become a global sensation and the most popular online game among gamers. This game provides many different cosmetics, emotes, character skins, gliders, pickaxes, etc., purchased using V-Bucks. V-Bucks is a game currency used in the game. The players can buy these new features from the stores, which get updated every week. So, the players are tempted naturally to buy these new features to learn how to get free V-Bucks to play their game. 

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Many scammers try to take advantage of the players who want to upgrade their characters and test new features for playing the game. Numerous unofficial websites, Youtube tutorials, and posts on social media attract the players by providing easy access to these by giving free V-Buck Code Generators to earn free V-Bucks. Unfortunately, all these methods are fake and illegal. So, it is essential to be extra cautious when providing account, personal or card details on any of these sites, as these are illegal ways to earn V-Bucks.

These Code Generators are gaining more popularity, and many of the players are trying to use this method to earn their virtual currency faster. But, the game creators have made stringent guidelines about the usage of these illegally acquired V-Bucks. So, when a player gets caught using these illegal ways, they will be forced to surrender their account, or in some cases, the game creators will take legal actions against that player.

It is essential not to get carried away by these scammers. The following are the 7 legit methods to earn V-Bucks from the Fortnite game itself. These are only legit ways to earn it.

  1. The easiest way to earn Free V-Bucks is by log in to the account. Daily, log on to the game account and grab free V-Bucks and many other features like legendary heroes, survivor, transformation keys, etc. So, even if you don’t have the time to play the game, log in. The game provides V-Bucks on specified days. On the 11th and 28th days of the first month will give you virtual currency. The final day, that is, the 366th day, will provide you with a jackpot amount of 1000 V-Bucks for free. Though this method is slowest, it is the easiest way to a fair amount of V-Bucks. 

Players need to panic, as the counter does not reset even when a day is missed. It continues with the points from the previous login day.

  1. The next method is the Complete Daily Quests. Daily quests are in-game tasks, completed one by one to learn how to get free V-Bucks. Complete these tasks on the same day. These tasks will usually lead to earning 50 – 100 bucks for each quest. These daily quests demand a variety of skills sets to complete. Some tasks involve destroying particular objects or locations on the map, while others involve exploring and discovering diverse areas. Some specialist missions demand the players to be a Ninja or a Constructor or an Outlander or a Soldier. But most of the tasks will focus on killing HUSKS – Most Common Monster in Fortnite Game. 
  2. The next method to earn Free V-Bucks is by Completing Strong Shield Defence Missions. These are found in SAVE THE WORLD mode. These tasks are like main quests divided into 4 areas, where the player can earn up to 100 V-Bucks. This quest gives other rewards like Mini Llamas, Hero Experience, etc. Each of these 4 areas will have 6 Strong Shield Defend Challenges, and thereby a total of 600 bucks are earned in each area. Stonewood Area, seen often, while the other areas like CannyVally, Plankerton, Twine Peaks appear rarely. A required number of quests completed advancing to the next area, which would unlock a new set of Strong Shield Defence Missions. 
  3. Save The World Mode contains additional ways of earning V-Bucks in the game. There are Timed Missions, which provides virtual currency for a limited time period. A clock will appear on the screen, which has tasks, that needs completion within the time limit.

Mini Boss Missions only will help you earn 25 – 40 bucks in a single challenge. But a player can acquire it only once. Other challenges in this mode provide other rewards like schematics, heroes, defenders, survivors, etc.

  1. Another legit method to earn free V-Bucks is by Completing the Challenges and Side Quests. Side Quests Challenge has various tasks that are completed to earn the currency. But not all quests will provide V-Bucks, but it gives an opportunity to earn up to 150 bucks.

While challenges are different from Side Quests, as they unlock during the main storyline, these challenges provide an opportunity to earn 50 bucks per completion. The exciting thing about this is that the players can play each of these challenges up to 10 times each and so up to 500 bucks can be earned per Challenge.

  1. The next alternative method is to Participate in Events. Events conducted weekly involve various missions that are completed to earn free V-Bucks. Though this method doesn’t help you to earn much, it is worth a try.
  2. The final legit method is to play Limited Time Modes. Once in a while, Epic Games arrange for a Limited Time Mode on Battle Royale. This multi-day tournament requires you to play solo, where you can win up to 50,000 V-Bucks. Players ranked after completing 50 rounds, based on their number of battles they have won, performance, and how long a player has survived in the game. This game gives 50,000 bucks for the winner, 25,000 bucks for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners. All the players who have ranked above 50 earn 12,500 bucks each, and the rest of the top 1000 players will earn 7,500 bucks each.

Learning legit how to get free V-Bucks is a challenging task as it is time-consuming and demands the completion of dozens of missions. But, be very cautious about the scams and legally earn these V-Bucks to avoid the unpleasant consequences of earning it illegally.