How to Get Gold in War Robots – Best Method

How to Get Gold in War Robots


A mobile video game is one of the most popular versions of games these days due to the convenience of operating it. There are a lot of mobile games to play in. The fighting game is one of the most popular games for many ones. War robot is one of the best fighting games. Today we will give you a brief intro about it and how to get gold in War Robots for various purposes in this game.

What is a war robot

War robot is a mobile game where the players have to operate the giant robots to fight with the robots of other players. Here you have to compete with 6 robots vs. 6 robots fight. You can either choose one or all six robots. If you choose just one or two robots, the rest of the robots will automatically be added to your team.

Here you and other robots can take a position on the building, snow, and other places of half places of the given map. The rest half will be for the opponent team. You will just get 15 seconds to choose your robot before the battle starts. The battle lasts up to 10 minutes. To fight well in this game, you need to get some gold. Below are given the methods to get gold in this game.

On entering a new level

Getting gold is not very easy in this game. It takes a lot of tactics and efficiency to play this game. The war robot is a fascinating game. The whole game is composed of many levels. On entering each new level, you will be awarded 50 golds. If you keep leveling up the game, soon you can collect a considerable amount of gold with this method on how to get gold in War Robots.

Through combat zone

The combat zone is one of the main points that were from, and you can earn the golds. The members of winning the combat zones are awarded gold. The top place, which is known as the ‘Medal of Valor’ wins 5 golds. 

The 2nd position holders of the winning team get 3 golds. The members who get the third position are given 1 gold. Each day the game has two purposes of fulfilling. If you complete these purposes correctly, it needs to be finished, and you may get the chance to win some golds again.

Purchasing golds

One optional method to get gold is to purchase it after paying real money. Most of the people are not in favor of this method, and they use it only when they are stuck at any level and no other options they find to clear that level.

Using hacks

Many people use some hacks also in which you will be asked to give the detailed info of your game profile. This mainly includes your user name, email id, country code, device info, etc. Though many people use it, it is not recommendable to everyone, especially for the new players due to some safety issues.

Final Thought

Above, we have discussed some methods to get gold in war robots. As per your capability and experience, you can use any of them to enhance your game playing experience.