How To Get Keys In Geometry Dash

How To Get Keys In Geometry Dash

The gaming industry is growing very fast, with new games being introduced every day. One of the most famous games you can enjoy is the Geometry Dash game. This is a game full of mysteries and many doors that each need a key to unlock. For new gamers, they might find it challenging to get the keys to all these doors. Therefore, we thought it wise to give you tips on how to get keys In Geometry Dash that you need to level up in the game.

How To Get Demon Keys

As we stated above, Geometry Dash is full of mysteries, and all these mysteries require a key to open them. One of the keys you need is Demon Keys. The Demon key is used to open the Demon Chest. From these chests, you will get mana orbs and many other awesome rewards. Hence, it is worth sacrificing your orbs to open it.

For you to have a single Demon Key, you need at least 500orbs on Robtops and other featured levels. If you want to earn more out of your gaming experience, you can choose to try playing the just featured 6 or 7 levels. Gamers refer to these two levels as the best farming method.

The ORBs are earned depending on the level you are as a gamer. If you are at the easy level, you will only be rewarded with 50 orbs. However, you might be able to earn more compared to the other levels as completing an easy level is much faster.

 If you are playing at harder levels, you are rewarded with 250 to 275 rewards. This means, if you are good at the game, with just two wins on the harder levels, you will be able to earn a Demon key. Better still, if you are playing the Demon levels, a single win will be enough to give you a Demon key. This is because a single win on Demon level earns you 500 orbs.

How To Get Keys To Treasure Room

The Treasure Room is a secret feature that was recently added to Geometry Dash World and Geometry Dash. Gaining access to the Treasure room initially requires 5 keys. Once you enter the Treasure Room, you will find different screens, each with different numbers of chests, each requiring a single key to open them. In these chests, there are different rewards.

You will not be able to have access to all these silver and gold rewards until you get a key to each chest. Luckily, all you will need will be enough orbs, which are easy to earn if you are good at the game.


It is high time you experienced what life is really made of in the Geometry Dash World. The easiest and the best way of doing this is by having enough orbs to give you access to the silver and gold chests. At the same time, opening these treasure chests will give you a good amount of orbs and diamonds. All these are very necessary for leveling up in the game.