How to Get Money on Avakin Life – Best Hacks for Avankin Life

How to Get Money on Avakin Life


The video game is not any strange thing to anyone nowadays. Though it is nothing like any old thing, most of the people are quite familiar with it. The best part of this game is, it is available on mobile phones also. Let’s discuss some more on the topic of how to get money on Avakin life.

What is avakin life?

Avakin Life is a type of a video game that is quite popular these days in every age group of people, especially youngsters and teens. In this game, you can play the character of anyone and can provide yourself with different accessories. 

For purchasing those accessories and doing many other things, you will need money or Avacoins. Some beneficial and effective methods on how to get money on Avakin Life Coin Hack and earning Avcoins will be discussed below with the help of a few topics.

Waiter job

One of the easiest ways to earn Avacoins or money is to earn it in the form of Avabucks. Here in this game, you can play the role of a waiter too. While being a waiter, if you serve anything to any buyer, you will be rewarded with Avabucks.

The value of four avabucks is equal to one avacoin. These coins can be exchanged at the Atm in this video game. You can exchange it at any Atm at the workplace except the ATM sundown club. At one time, you can maximum exchange 2000 Avabucks to get 500 avacoins.

Through contest

One another way that collects Avacoins is through the contest. In the Egyptian adventure contest, you will have to collect five initial key to collect the primary key. With this primary key, you can open the chest of coins, which may have some time up to 200 coins. For the new players, these rewards may be set as apartments, Egyptian cats, etc.

The other contest which you can take part in is a fashion contest where you will have to wear silver or gold outfits. Silver outfits are free, but for gold outfits, you may have to pay. The winner of this fashion show will be awarded large coins. Other than this, the top 10 runners would be awarded a badge.

Fiber bidding wall

The next option to earn avacoin is through the Fiber bidding wall, Mystery box, or video offer. From the avabidding wall, you will get the chance to earn this avacoins. Just what you have to do is to complete the command of the set. Once you will do it, you will get the chance to win the double coins offer also.

Here most of the tasks will be to download the game and play it. There are two other options too, like mystery box and video offer. However, they are not much useful. This is because, in video offer, the number of avacoins won will be very less, and in the misery box, there are more and more chances to loose avacoins too.

Final Thought

Above, it is discussed a few methods to earn Avacoins or money in Avakin life. There are some hacks also, but it’s not sure whether they will work or not. Whatever the way you will choose, you will enjoy the game every time you play it.