How To Get Treasure In Battle Cats – Easy Guide That Works 100%

How To Get Treasure In Battle Cats


Battle Cats is an interesting free-to-play tower defense game. Battle Cats was invented and developed by Ponos Corporation for Android and iOS mobile devices. This was first released in Japan and was initially known as Nyanko Daisesou (meaning ‘ Nyanko Great War’). There is a treasure used in the game and this is how to get treasure in Battle Cats.

What Is Treasure

Before I teach you how to get the treasure, it is important to give you a simple definition of what it is. Treasure is a stage reward on Battle Cats and to learn how to get treasure in Battle Cats, you will need to clear one of the story stages. Each main story stage has a special Treasure that’s named after a memento in that location. However, the game uses standard icons instead of images.

Each Treasure comes in 3 tiers and these are called Inferior, Superior and Normal. The Treasure icons are colored silver, bronze and gold respectively. If you manage to complete a regional collection of Treasures, you receive permanent upgrades to different aspects of the game. Some of these aspects are not even available in the XP-purchasable upgrades.

How to Obtain The Treasure

You can never overstate the importance of Treasure in Battle Cats. This is because it is a key and paramount aspect in the game. For you to make significant progress in the game, you must not neglect the importance of earning Treasure. There are two most common ways of earning Treasure and these are:

1.   Random Awards

Every time you clear a main story stage, you are randomly awarded a Treasure. Every time you win a Treasure, it is indicated by a small pop-up. In every tier of treasure, can possibly drop. However, you will not receive a lower or equal tier of Treasure even after failing in the game. However, the player will often clear a stage repeatedly until you manage to obtain a superior treasure.

The Treasure drops in different rates depending on the stage. For example, Empire of Cats, Korea which is the first stage during the tutorial always guarantees you a Superior treasure. Empire of Cats Chapter 1 (the seventh stage) in the game gives you a high chance of a Superior treasure but it is not 100% guaranteed.

2.   Treasure Festivals

The other most common way of earning Treasure is by participating in the Treasure Festival. Treasure Festival tends to “double” or increase the chances of acquiring a treasure from any stage. When you are playing from a certain location, which has a greater chance of earning you a Treasure. Pressing the Treasure Festivals icon will directly lead you to that direction.


Visiting the PONOS AWS event calendar page offers you a calendar of events. This offers you special details on the times and days of Treasure Festivals as well as other events for the week.  Some of these events include; CatFruit Buffet, Cat Ticket Chance, Straight of Wings and Facing Danger. All these events pop up randomly throughout the day.