How To Play 8 Ball Pool – All You Need To Master 8 Ball Pool

How To Play 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a call shot game that a player uses 15 object balls and a cue ball to enjoy the game, the object balls are numbered number 1 through 15. The game is played by two players’ one pockets balls of the group of balls numbered 1 through 7. These numbers are the solid colors. The other player is issued with balls number 9 through 15 which are the striped balls. Learn how to play 8 ball pool with this simple step by step guide with simplified instructions.

The mission

There are different things a gamer is expected to do on the platform. Some of these things are briefed below:

1.   Racking The Ball

At the beginning of the game, all the balls are racked together in s triangular shape at the foot of the pool table. The 8-balls placed at the center of the triangle a stripe ball is placed on one corner of the rack. On the other corner, has a solid ball at the base.

2.   Call Shot

Obvious pockets and balls in call shot don’t have to be indicated. The opponent has a right which pocket and pool ball if he is not sure of the shot. Combination shots and Bank shots aren’t considered obvious. Therefore, you should be careful when calling both the intended pocket and object ball. Indicating details like the number of kisses, cushions, caroms, banks and many others when calling the shot isn’t necessary.

Any foul pocketed balls remain so regardless of whether they are owned by the opponent or the shooter. The opening break isn’t a “called shot”. Any player who performs a break shot in the game may continue shooting as long the object ball is pocketed on the break legally.

3.      Jump and Masse Shot Foul

When a referee doesn’t preside over a match, “Cue ball fouls only” is the rule of play. If you attempt to jump, masse or curve the cue ball around or over an impending numbered ball. This will be considered a cue ball foul. The impeded numbered ball isn’t a legal object ball. Whether the ball was moved by a cue stick follow-through, by a hand or bridge.

4.   Alternating Break

The lag winner has the option of breaking. During individual competition, 8 Ball Pool players will alternate breaking on every subsequent game.

5.   Legal Break Shot

Executing a legal break or the breaker, must either drive not less than four numbered balls or pocket a ball to the rail. If the breaker is not able to make a legal break, this is a foul. Hence, the incoming player will have the option to retract the balls and have the option to shoot the opening break. You will also allow the offending player to rebreak. The player will also have the opportunity to shoot or accept the table in position.


Playing 8 Ball Pool takes nothing else except commitment and skills. All the balls you pocket will remain pocketed (except the Object Balls jumped Off Table on Break). This is foul and the table will be opened. Play wisely with all the balls and within a very short time you’ll be the how to play 8 ball pool champion you’ve always dreamt of!