How To Play Avakin Life – Astounding 3D Virtual world

How To Play Avakin Life

Are you a fan of Avakin Life? How long does it take you to complete a single game? Do you wish you had better skills to make the game more entertaining? Your wish is our command! We are here to give you simple tips and guidelines on how to play Avakin Life. We have analyzed all the details of the game and summarized them in this article.

How To Download Avakin Life  

The first and most important thing you need to learn is how to download the game into your device. Whether you are using an iOS or Android, the download process is the same. However, if you are using a desktop, the process is a bit different. Below are the steps to follow in downloading the app.

Step 1

Search ‘Download Avakin Life’ (this is a 3D Virtual World game from Equine-Design). Specify the device, whether it is an Android or iOS, then click “Download.”

Step 2

Go to the Google Play Store page to download, then once the download is complete, click ‘Install.’ If you are using a desktop, move to the App Store. To download the game, select “Get.”

Step 3

Once downloaded and installed, the next step is to start the game. Click “New User” on the home screen.

How to Play Avakin Life

The moment you were eagerly waiting for is finally here. Below are the steps you need to follow to enjoy your gaming on the Avakin Life platform!

Step 1

Choose a username and an Avatar template. This should, however, not worry you so much. This is because if you don’t like your appearance and username, you can always change it later.

Step 2

Once all this is done, you will be good to go. Select “Home” and hit the road rolling.

Step 3

There are a few things that appear on the main screen of the game. These are game news, shortcut menus, and events. Before you get into serious gaming in online mode, it is advisable to first customize your avatar by accessing the “Profile” menu. To change the game profile, click “Edit.”

 Step 4

Invite friends by clicking on the “Invite Friends” icon. You can send invitations through messaging applications (Messenger or WhatsApp) or social networks. You can also share using a QR Code, your Avakin Life “Friend Code,” or shared Wi-Fi.

Step 5

To access Avakin Life messages, accept invitations from friends, and also to receive rewards and gifts, use the “Messages” menu.

Step 6

Open the “Store Menu” to shop at Avakin Life. Explore the categories before you start shopping.

Step 7

Go to the “Travel Menu” to visit different places with your other online players. And in case you want to interact with others, select “Social Locations.”

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Above are some of the basic points you need to learn if you must get things right on how to play Avakin Life. With time, you will also learn how to change your username, your appearance, decorate your apartment, and many other things.