How To Play Clash Royale – Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Play Clash Royale



Clash Royale is a free premium epic video game developed and published by supercell and was released globally on March 2 nd of 2016. Clash Royale combines elements from tower defense games, card games, and multiplayer online battle arena games. The game reached one billion dollars on the market in less than a year. We are going to teach you how to play Clash Royale.


Clash Royale is a tower rush game where players can play single and team battles. The game’s main objective is to destroy the enemy team’s tower, and if you destroy the king ‘s tower, you can get a quick win. Suppose after three minutes, if the match still continues and both players have an equal number of crowns or none, then the game will have a two-minute overtime period, and the player who destroys the other player’s tower wins the match.

Here is how to play Clash Royale. Suppose there is a situation where both players can not destroy their opponent’s tower. In that case, the match becomes a tiebreaker where your tower and your opponent’s tower lose health continuously, and the tower with more health wins the battle. The game uses a card as a way of deploying troops; building spells on the battlefield. 

Using cards consumes elixir, and elixir can be gained during battle. You can buy cards using gold. Your health points and damage statistics increase approximately by 10 percent per level. Cards that spawn troops like witch or goblin hut will increase their troop level by one percent per level.

There are three types of cards, mainly TROOPS, SPELLS, and BUILDINGS. Troops that could be moved can only be spawned on your base, excluding miner; spells are temporary that can be used anywhere during the battle, and buildings are fixed. Cards are classified into four types, namely COMMON, RARE, EPIC, LEGENDARY. Standard cards have thirteen levels, rare cards have eleven different levels, epic cards have eight different levels, and Legendary cards have five different levels. 



Archers, Baby Dragon, Balloon, Bandit, Barbarians, Bats, Battle Healer, Battle Ram, Bomber, Bowler, Cannon Cart, Cursed Hog, Dark Prince, Dart Goblin, Electro Dragon, Electro Giant, Electro Wizard, Elite Barbarians, Fisherman, Flying Machine, Inferno Dragon, Magic Archer, Skeleton Dragons, Wall Breakers


Giant, Giant Skeleton, Goblin Brawler, Goblin Gang, Goblin Giant, Goblins, Golem, Golemite, Guards, Hog Rider, Hunter, Ice Golem, Knight, Lava Hound, Lava Pup, Lumberjack, Mega Knight, Mega Minion, Miner, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minion Horde, Minions, Mother Witch, Musketeer, Night Witch, P.E.K.K.A.Prince, Princess, Ram Rider, Rascal Boy, Rascal Girl, Royal Ghost, Royal Giant, Royal Hogs, Royal Recruits, Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Skeleton Barrel, Sparky, Spear Goblins, Three Musketeers, Valkyrie, Witch, Wizard, Zappies. 

Magical spirit:

Ice Spirit, Ice Wizard, Elixir Golemite, Executioner, Fire Spirits, Firecracker, Heal Spirit, Elixir Blob, Elixir Golem.


  1. How to play clash royale for beginners? 

    Basic tips for beginner players are that you should not waste elixir; you should not activate the king at the beginning of the game. Do not use drops at the bridge and defend your base by spreading out your troops. 

  2. How to play clash royale like a professional? 

    Spells are significant to cause more damage to your opponent, so save your magic and use it to attack in Paris. And always play slow, do not deploy your troops in the same area. 

  3. Can I use cheat codes or hacks in clash royale? 

    It is impossible to use cheat codes in clash royale as the main servers of the game are too secure to be hacked, and even if they hacked the servers, once the system finds it, the user who cheated gets his account permanently banned. 

  4. What is the best deck in clash royale? 

    Mega knight is the most powerful clash royale unit as it has very high hit points in the game. 

  5. Is the clash royale pay to win type of game? 

    No, class royale is a free-to-play premium type of game.