How To Play Township – Guide With Tips & Tricks

How To Play Township

There are a lot of tasks that a game is expected to accomplish in a Township game. Upgrading your humble town into a big city, might seem fun but it’s not as easy as it seems. There is a lot that goes into just that one single task involves a lot. However, with our ‘How To Play Township’ the mystery hidden in this game will easily be unveiled.

The Goal Of Township Game

The goal behind this game is very simple. All you need to do is to transform your humble town into a bustling metropolis. This sounds fun right? It is fun but not very easy to achieve. Just as in normal life, transforming your humble life to a wealthy lifestyle takes ages and a lot of sacrifice. The same way, building your own emperor on Township will be a tedious act.  

You will need to farm different types of foods and manage a ton of food production plants. Apart from planting different plants, you should also fill your town with different types of houses and industries. Last but not least, it is your duty to fulfill incoming orders. We’ve been there before, and this is why we are the best to teach how to navigate your way through to the top.

1.   Plant and Harvest Wheat

Planting and harvesting wheat has been rated as the cheapest way of earning XP. With your farming goods spread across the fields, you will easily level up in the game. As you level up, your choice of plants to produce will expand as new types of goods will be added to the list. These new foods will come in handy as far as feeding your farm animals is concerned.

Wheat happens to be the cheapest plant to produce is wheat. This is because planting and producing wheat is usually free of charge. The good thing is, planting/harvesting wheat earns you a ton of coins. At the same time, you can sell your produce out of your barns to earn you more money.

2.   Before Logging Off, Set Up Activities With Extended Completion Times

A placing a new building to add to the value of your town is very fun. However, waiting for the construction of these buildings is never fun. Therefore, to save yourself from this boring experience, set the buildings with a long completion time a few minutes before you call it a day. The buildings will complete overnight.

In case you find some that are not done, with enough cash, you can instantly complete them immediately you log back in. Therefore, earn as much in-game cash as possible in case you are not ready to spend any real money in your gaming.


There are different ways of earning in-game cash and how to play Township hack no survey. This is by completing achievements, sending goods as well as increasing your player level. If you are truly in a rush, there would be nothing wrong with spending a few bucks on the platform. However, this cash should only be spent in completing the construction of the buildings.