How To Play War Robots On PC

How to play War Robots on PC

Suppose you play on a handheld device and choose to turn to a PC. You can download and learn how to play War Robots on PC with a smartphone version of the game. It’s going to be easier for you, unlike your rivals, but, above all, not to risk your smartphone progress! You would need to emulate your handset using an Android emulator to do this. It would be best to use BlueStacks for this trick, which is currently the safest and reliable one.

How to install an Android emulator for War Robots?

To play a mobile game on your PC, you need to simulate the Android environment with an emulator but don’t worry; it’s not that hard! Download the BlueStacks emulator to learn how to play War Robots on PC.

How to install and how to play War Robots on PC?

You’ve completed the majority of the work when you’ve finished downloading and configuring BlueStacks. You should see the Google Play page for War Robots displayed automatically. If you don’t, click the Google Play app (on the emulator) and search for “War Robots” Once on the game page, click the “Install” button to start your download.

How can you get your mobile progress back on your PC?

Now that you’ve mounted War Robots on the simulator, all you need to do is link it to your mobile account, so you don’t lose your progress.

To do so, start the game and go to the bottom left of the screen to the gear icon. After that, you have to authorize the sync with Google Play Games. You must be aware that you will not be able to retrieve your War Robots Android progress on the PC edition of Steam, nor will you recover your Steam progress on the smartphone version.

That’s why, in the tip we just saw, an Android emulator to play with your War Robots mobile account on a computer, so you don’t miss anything! This tutorial concludes, and you can now know how to play War Robots on PC with improved graphics and performance.