How to Setup a Patreon – Patreon 101

How to Setup a Patreon

Patreon patrons provide a full-time income for many YouTube makers, podcasters, and other online creators. The way you decide how to setup a Patreon page will have a massive impact on how easily it develops and supports you and the content you’re making for them, setting up Patreon in a way that helps us use it as a viable revenue source. Patreon accounts for a sizable portion of your earnings. It backs you up and what you’re doing.

Tips on how to setup a Patreon Page:

Patreon is all about rewarding the patrons for their patronage. Viewers who follow you on Patreon should benefit from your content. It’s all about finding a way to be financially assisted so that you can keep spreading your message and changing lives.

Reduce the number of reward tiers

The Video creators of Patreon only have two incentive levels, both of which, in his view, are relatively low in comparison to the amount of knowledge and options that can be provided as someone with digital goods and the ability to consult. I’d sit down and brainstorm every one of the various modules in your courses that you’ve ever taught. 

Consider the possibility of severing those ties. Consider giving access to one module each week on week two– a tier of $15 and up. I’m talking about turning this into a subscription service that offers a lot of value. But, unlike when people would buy these items in bulk on your website, you only give them to them once a week. I’d make it, so you have $3, $10, $25– so maybe $50, $75– and then something more significant about $150.

When adjusting Patreon support tiers, start a conversation.

“This is what I’m thinking. How does that make you feel?” the conversation should go. Is it OK if we go ahead and do this? And if everyone is in an uproar, maybe you could move to a different tier. And you can take a gamble on that. Often, place a limit on it. In the end, no one else would be able to understand that going forward. And if people stop helping you, you can eventually eliminate the cap.

Choose between a monthly or per-creation pledge.

There are two ways to help me on Patreon:

You should give anyone a regular monthly fee. You may also pay them each time they publish new material. I believe, allows for greater accountability between supporters and makers. So, if I move to a per-piece-of-content model, I’ll have even more incentive to keep putting out content because I won’t charge if I don’t. I feel like this whole experience is all about gracefully and handholding your audience. You’re also creating a culture. And I believe that is a much safer approach. It’s see-through. All must be honest and straightforward.

Short and Sweet Welcome Video

Long intros in the process of how to setup a Patreon make your Patreon channel sound like a YouTube channel. Finally, the message will be lost because people’s attention spans are close to those of a regular YouTube video. But my point is to get down to the end and tell them what Patreon is, what your target is on it, and, most importantly, what they can get out of it. And I believe you can be in and out in less than two minutes. And I believe Patreon has given a variety of excellent examples as demo videos.

Now I shall tell you a bit about what the human mind, in my opinion, ‘wants’. You should set a target that is well beyond your initial grasp of where you are, and you should, in my view, already have goals that you have met. I believe it is one of those things that people want to see you grow. If they’re already Patreon supporters, it makes them happy. The people who will soon become your Patreons want to assist you in achieving your next goal.