Last Day on Earth Guide – How To Survive

Last Day on Earth Guide

In-game description, Last Day on Earth is the place to be. It is all about a new experience when you choose to move away from the other gaming deals. Open up your understanding of the game if you must keep your resources and gather more and ensure you lose none in the process. This might seem like Greek if you are not well established in the game.

What is the Last Day on Earth?

The trick of Last Day on Earth is based on your creativity. In this article, I am going to give you all the information you need about the game. I will also give you a few tips and tricks that will help you level up in the game without much hustle. The game has revolutionized the gaming world with its unique character. It would help if you equipped yourself with the right weapons to protect yourself.

Clearing the five enemies you face in the game, you are given an option to design your base or not. The trees you get on the land can be used to design your base. However, it is important to understand that once you chop down these trees, you will not recover them.

Your first few days in the game can be very challenging and rough. This has driven us to provide you with these fellow survivors and orient themselves in the new, treacherous world! Although the game is still in its early BETA, things will change over time. Your goal is to survive in a tough environment. Collecting resources, building up your base, and fending off invaders both dead and alive.

Your First Shelter

We all need a place to call home whether permanent or temporary homes provided you have a cover over your head. In this case, you will require some wood to complete your home. The twigs are collected from the ground, and alternatively, you can chop trees using a hatchet to get pine logs. To craft a hatchet, you must have three limestones and three pine logs.

Point To Note:

Do not rely on Level and two walls to protect your house from being invaded by the horde. You first need to upgrade the floors before you upgrade the walls. Floors are of great importance and strong as hordes cannot destroy them. At the same time, some objects can only be placed on upgraded floors.

Your shelter should also have some doors since you cannot access the shelter without doors unless you break the walls. The Last Day on Earthworks more like a normal life. Just as you need a door to access your own home, you will need a door to access Your First Shelter.

In-Game Characters

In the Last Day on Earth, you deal with computerized players who base their activity on the “auto” status. As long as you are marked as an enemy, the computerized players will attack you. Fighting with a naked enemy with a spear is not a problem. The challenge comes when you are dealing with a greater enemy.

The dangerous enemy you can deal within the game is an enemy with a Nail Board who runs at you. If your enemy is not an AI, take extra care and run as fast as you can. Dangerous enemies can do more than AI. Such activities include; eating to restore health. They are termed dangerous if they can use special tactics like animation canceling and killing.

When you are out scavenging, it is important to pay attention to the lagging in the game. New players might not be able to notice the lagging, which endangers their lives. However, for those who have been in the game for long, they understand how dangerous the lagging is. This is because it is an indication of an oncoming “player.”

Take good care of your health in the game, and if your health goes down by mistake, revive yourself by eating any food you get hold of. You will never get an appropriate time to feed, and if you are caught unaware, they will easily destroy you.

Make a Basic Backpack using the Rope you get on zombies. The Basic Backpack makes your life significantly easier. If you have solid food or water situation, it is easy to trip to Bunker Alfa. However, if you don’t have, you can keep running limestone ridges or green level forests up your base.

If you don’t have enough food means you will need to look for a way to survive, which is only done by growing carrots in the Garden Bed. Harvesting Plant Fibers obtain the carrot seeds, and the rain catcher can be used to fill up Empty Bottles. With this, you will be assured of sufficient food and water to keep you going.

The Use of Alfa Base

Glock 17 makes it possible for you to get hold of Al Alfa Base, which is only available on a dead guard’s corpse. The door to the Shelter can be accessed using a CAC Card A for unlocking the door. The door gives you access to a room with a set of military clothes and two guns. Claiming the rewards might take two trips, but they are worth the effort. This terminal will need a code to access it.

Luckily, accessing the code at the CB Radio is easy when you get to level 7. But never try to go on the lower floors without armor and enough weapons as the Frenzied Giant can have more than 500 Health Points.


It is very tempting to use the guns in the green or yellow zone, but there is no need for that. Repairing the weapons once they get broken is impossible. Therefore, keep them safe and use them only when necessary. There are more dangerous zones when the use of guns is essential. Hence, make use of all the other tools you have available to survive longer in the game.