Last Day on Earth Survival Tips and Tricks – Ultimate Guide For 2021

Last Day on Earth Survival Tips and Tricks

Sandbox games bring a certain charm as it brings great liberty to the player. It also allows them to develop their base in every way they want. The game was developed with fans of construction games in mind. This, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy it if you have never tried the game. With the Last Day on Earth Survival tips and tricks, you will have a totally new experience.

Survival Tips and Tricks

Are you a fan of aesthetically-pleasing creations and partaking of PvP? This gives you an opportunity to enjoy MMOs social aspects. Once in a while, we will run and attack our enemies when the need is, while in other instances, all that we will need will be gathering materials to build our bases. Games like ARK: Survival, Last Craft Survival, and Minecraft, and many others have this similar aspect.

Last Day on Earth Survival game, however, has an advantage over them all. This is because it doesn’t suffer from a mortal flow, as the others do. However, some people consider this trait as many normal gamers take it as a flaw and an unforgivable sin. However, the game doesn’t have a clear Last Day on Earth Survival tips and tricks player’s guide, and that explains the importance of our article.

A Simple Player’s Guide

Playing a game as a beginner might prove to be a great challenge if you don’t know how to go about it. However, many game developers give basic instructions to help you to go through the different phases the easiest way possible. This doesn’t always happen. For the case of Last Day on Earth, the instructions given are very shallow and hence not helpful.

For this reason, we saw it wise to develop a Last Day on Earth Survival tips and tricks guide that will make your gaming much easier and more fun. Some of the tips you can use include:

1. Find Enough Food

There are important things that we need to keep at the back of mind when we start our gaming. One of these things is the importance of food for the players. Just as you cannot survive in real life without food, it is the same case in the Last Day on Earth Survival game. The food should be enough to not only sate your appetite but also to keep you healthy at all times.

There are different ways of getting your nourishment. You can hunt deer to obtain meat, harvest from your garden beds, or from the cruel wolves that attack you. If you defeat the wolves, They will drop the meat they were carrying, and it will be a chance for you to fill your food bank.

The first thing you do is to plant seeds, and within a few minutes, you will have a full harvest of carrots. You can consume every carrot raw and recharge 25 hunger points, 15 HP, and 5 thirst points. If you choose to cook tasty carrot stew the carrots in the campfire first, you will restore an extra 5HP. Although it is not a must you cook the carrots, it is recommended as it maximizes the healing potential of the ingredients.

2. Remember To Recycle

Another exciting point in the game is the ability of recycling material to get better results. Although some of the items used are originally obtained, some can only be obtained by consuming others. To get empty bottles, you will need to consume a water bottle. If you are in need of empty cans, you will need to consume a can of beans.

Initially, these empty cans and bottles may be treated as trash or clutter. But if you are in need of them, they are a great treasure. If you need crafting recipes, you can use the same materials. Water is of great importance as you cannot survive without water, even in real life. Therefore, it is very important to come up with water bottles to act as rain catcher items.

With enough recycled empty bottles, you will never lack the vital fluid. Initially, the cans are less useful, but it doesn’t mean you should toss them. You will need them in crafting weapon mods. At the same time, you can use them to craft certain combat items like melee weapons, some furniture, and traps. For this reason, it is important to ensure you keep all the cans and water bottles you pick along the way.

3. Save Space Using Your Pockets

Although the game developers fail to mention this task, it is a very important tip. This is a quick slot that allows you to assign items for use without opening the inventory. The pocket tab on your equipment screen is where you find the slot is. The meat, first aid kits, berries, or any other objects can be signed, and they appear above the attack button in your UI.

To use the icon, you will only need to click the button or press E on your keyboard. This gives you an easy way of accessing important items, and it helps you to save inventory space. The good thing about these objects is that they don’t take up any slot in the bag. Assigning an item in the quick slot automatically saves you extra space in the inventory.

4. Control Your Hunger and Thirst

The true and final bosses of the Last Day on Earth Survival game is thirst and hunger. The meters of hunger and thirst decrease at a very fast rate. Anytime you are moving up and down in the field, your character will need enough food to eat and water to drink. And never forget the golden rule of saving your empty bottles to guarantee your continued survival.


It is very important to understand that there is no way of pausing the Last Day on Earth Survival game. Anytime you are in the game, your hunger and thirst meter decreases rapidly. Therefore, with the help of Last Day on Earth Survival tips and tricks to survive in the game, you must keep an eye on the two aspects to ensure they are filled up constantly. Lack of enough food and drinks makes the game heavy and tedious.