Monster Legends Breeding Guide – Easy Guide for Beginners

Monster legends breeding guide

A role-playing game that involves a different set of activities can be known as monster legends. 

You have to battle through the different levels in the game to become the monster master. With this Monster legends breeding guide you can make sure that you have an army of monsters so that you can fight the computer-generated enemies.

Understanding the elements 

In order to master the game, you need to understand the elements in the game and how they take an active part in creating monsters. In order to get the perfect monsters, you need to bread monsters on your own and that is exactly what this Monster legends breeding guide will help you with.

Understanding breeding 

In order to create a great beast, you need to merge two monsters. This process has a very easy learning curve. First, you need to select a breeding mountain. Next, you need to select an island where the hatching will take place. 

After this process is complete, you need to select the first monster from the first column and the second monster from the second column, which are present in the left and right, respectively. After that, you need to press the breed button. Once the breeding process is initiated, take the egg and select a time for hatching. You will see a countdown timer in the middle of the screen.

When you see that the egg is taking too long to hatch, then that means the monster you are breeding is a rare one. While your egg is hatching, spend your time collecting gold and gems in the game. Once your egg is hatched, you will have the option. The option would be to grow the egg in a particular habitat or selling it.

How can I get a rare monster? 

According to most of the users, getting rare, the monster can be a combination of single-element monsters or better known as common monsters. If you are very lucky, then dual monsters or rare monsters can result in a hybrid or rare monster. 

Now, in general, when common monsters are fought in a battle, then the common monsters are the weakest link. When two common monsters are combined, then the strength and weakness of both the monsters are combined giving you a rare monster 

What’s the first element that is introduced is this game?

The first element that oil introduced in this game is known as the fire element. You can confirm a win when you are battling with a nature-based monster. Thing become challenging when you battle against a water-based monster. Some of the best hybrids can be derived from a fire-based monster. Some of them are

  • Trezzard with fire: When these two monsters are combined, then you will get a monster known as Greensaur. This monster will hatch in 30 seconds and will be immune to water and burning.  
  • Rockilla with Firesaur: the monster that you will get in this combination is known as firekong. 
  • The egg will hatch in less than five minutes and will be immune to stun. In addition, this combination will have an excessive amount of energy. 

Final words 

The above information provides a complete guide for this game. Read all the information carefully so that you don’t have spent hours finding the perfect guide.