PIXEL CAR RACER HACK – Unlimited Free Money!



Pixel Car Racer is an arcade retro-style car racing game available on Apple and Android devices. This game integrates the RPG Sandbox experience. This game offers several features like 50 different types of cars, 1000’s other car parts, unlimited updates to these cars and car parts, RPG-style turning, Dyno tuning, Realising Engine System, 2 different game modes, such as Drag Mode, Street Mode, and social media connection.    

To make the game more interesting, you may need to know methods to effectively play the game, like practicing car control, collecting more cars, and upgrading new car parts. These can be achieved by learning tricks and hacks to easily earn in-game currencies, which will help you become competitive in your race. 

There are 2 types of in-game currencies in this game – Diamonds and Cash. Cash is the main in-game currency. You can earn it by participating in single and multiplayer races. But the amount of money you receive will depend upon the difficulty level of the race you choose to participate. Diamonds are second game currencies that helps in unlocking special edition cars. Earning these diamonds is not an easy task. You can make these diamonds only by winning a few tournaments that too in limited quantities.  

Pixel Car Racer Hack is one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve an excellent opportunity to upgrade your car characteristics. These hacks help you earn in-game currencies and automatic updates suitable for all android and iOS device users. These hacks are free and completely safe to use. These pixel car racer hacks are a real gift for hardcore gamers. These hacks provide unique keys that help you gain superpower engines, heavy-duty wheels, and flawless cars at the beginning of the game itself. 

How does a Pixel Car Racer Hack work:

Pixel Car Racer Hack is an online tool that is easy to use by following simple and easy steps. Following are the steps to be followed to generate hack codes for your game,

  • First, open the online hack page by clicking the link given
  • Enter the Pixel Car Racer username or select the names from the representative operating systems.
  • Now keep your game open and allow the pixel car racer can hack and read your game data.
  • Click Connect button
  • Choose any cheat codes from the list
  • Enter the amount you required
  • Hit the ‘Hack it Now’ button
  • Your required credits will be added to your account
  • Now you are all set to use these credits to upgrade your gaming options.


Though the benefits are tempting, it is advisable to use the Pixel Car Racer hack codes rarely. This is because the more time you spend on making diamonds and cash, the less time you would spend in the actual game. Using hacks is beneficial only if you are stuck in a level or a race. Over usage of hacks will make the game more and more boring. Another important thing is that this is a multiplayer game. So, if any other player notices your unusual fast advances in the upgrades of your car or its features, they might report your account, and you might be banned from playing that game. You need to be extra cautious, by using it only when necessary and enjoy the benefits from it.


There are several other in-game methods available other than generating hack codes. The following are the in-game methods to earn currencies and diamonds to enhance gaming features.

1.Daily Rewards:

Daily rewards are the easiest yet slow way to collect in-game currencies without much hard work. You can do this by just logging on to the game daily and claiming your regards by clicking on the ‘daily rewards tab’ at the bottom right side of the game page. These rewards not only give cash and diamonds; it sometimes offers spare parts for the car. Even if you don’t have time to play the game daily, make sure to log in to the game every 18 hours, and collect your rewards. Though it takes a lot of time to accumulate a fair amount of in-game currency to upgrade your car parts or buy a new car, it is worth trying.

2.Visiting Stores Regularly:

Visiting game stores is another important method to earn money. Many car parts are free to use, but money is required to buy the topmost cars and their parts. Though collecting money is not an easy task, the fun part is the game would go missing without money.

3.Visiting Part Stores:

The part store can be found on the home screen of the game page. Visiting part store will give a wooden box which will contain some of the vehicle parts that are free of charge. This wooden box only appears after making a few purchases in the part story with your available money. Do not mind spending a few bucks to gain this wooden box, as these boxes generally give you car engines with higher horsepower (HP), thereby making your car more upgraded.

4.Trade Cars and Other Vehicle Parts:

Buying and selling cars and parts of cars can be done. But use this method only when you are running out of money. This is because the car you sell will have less price than the amount you invested while buying it. Also, keep in mind that you are selling only the car and not the upgrades you have. This is because you can utilize the already purchased upgrades for your new car. 

5.Participate in Tournaments:

Tournaments are week or month-long events where you must complete a series of tasks to earn a decent amount of in-game currencies. There are 3 types of tournaments, and each tournament requires different kinds of upgrades to your car. You can participate in the tournaments only when you have enough XP points. Once you acquire enough XP points, you can play professional Drag Racer mode, where you can obtain information about these tournaments. This method will help you gain $40,000 in-game currencies when you win all the three heats – quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. The added advantage of this method is that you will be able to learn techniques to improve your gaming skills as you compete with more skilled players. 

6.Watch Advertisements:

This is one of the best ways to accumulate in-game money quickly. By watching advertisements, it helps in various ways throughout the game. You can watch ad videos multiple times by clicking the ‘watch reward video button in the game store. This will allow you to gain more money. Generally, these ads are 15-30 secs in length. They help in doubling the money you earn after completing each race by prompting you for a message to watch a video. But this option is not available if you are playing on the Pixel Car Racer mod apk. 

7.Connect the game with Facebook:

Connecting to Facebook brings you benefits like cloud saving, where you can save your game progress. Playing with friends gives you more opportunities to explore and compete with each other. Thus, connecting to Facebook gives the benefits of allowing you to play the game as a multiplayer game. Also, this method will enable you to play the game from multiple devices at the same time. Connecting Pixel Car Racer to Facebook will allow you to save the progress and continue the game from where it is left. Though this method doesn’t benefit you in getting in-game currencies, it helps you keep your progress saved.

8.Be an expert in-game control:

Regularly playing the game is the only way to master game control. Gaming control includes steering controls, tilting, twisting, overtaking other cars. By gaining full command over the controls, you easily participate in races and become an ultimate racer. This command over game controls will help you in winning races, thereby gaining more in-game currencies.


This knowledge of enhancing the game to get resources makes your game more exciting and fun-loving by choosing the hack or cheat that best suits you. Though there are a lot of online hack codes available to earn unlimited resources, make sure to use them from genuine sites, as there are many sites that might hack your game and might spread viruses. We recommend using only the standard methods to earn in-game currencies and advise you to stay away from malpractices to escape from the legal allegations. Be smart, play fair, and have fun playing this game with the help of Pixel Car Racer Hack.