How To Private Message on Roblox – In-Game Guide

How To Private Message on Roblox

Roblox platform does not only allow you to enjoy gaming experience and learn new things. You are also provided with an opportunity of forming a new circle of friends by befriending other gamers on the platform. Once you have developed a good rappel with a friend, you might decide to create a much closer relationship. The easiest way of communicating with them is through Private Message. Learn how to private message on Roblox with the following simple steps.

Is Private Messaging on Roblox Safe?

We cannot all know everything. For that reason, we might need help from other gamers or they might need our help as well. Many gamers who want to enquire about something from you might request you to Private Message them. This means that the message you send to the gamer will directly be delivered to him or her.

For adults, there might be no problem with allowing private messaging. However, when it comes to young children, it might pause as a risk. This is because they might be exposed to gamers who are out there to exploit them and take advantage of their innocence. Therefore, as a parent or a guardian it is advisable to be in control of your kids and who they interact with.

Steps To Follow in Private Messaging

How to private message on Roblox might be a bit challenging for beginners. It is for this reason that we thought it fair to write this guide to make things easier for you. Things are even much easier when you are texting someone you are already friends with and ask for
free robux today. Below are the simple steps followed to connect with a friend on Roblox:

1.   Go to your friends section.

2.   Click on the name of the friend you want to send a message to.

3.   On the top of the page, where you find your friend’s name, press the Message button. (on this box, you will get all the information you need about your friends and followers as well as your username.

If you are not friends with the person you want to send a message to, the following steps are followed:

1.   Search them by typing their name in the search bar located at the top of your screen. (type their username in the search bar in the set of username choices that will pop up).

2.   Click on their name: their username will definitely be among all the names of the players on the platform. Clicking on their username takes you directly to their profile.

3.   Click the message button on their profile. Once you’ve clicked the message option, write your message then click ‘send’.


Before you go through the pain of finding a friend to send them a PM, make sure that they have enabled it on the privacy settings.  


Roblox has given you an opportunity of learning new tricks in the game by conversing with experts. Although you can do this in groups, it works much better when you converse through private messaging. Therefore, ensure you allow for Private Messaging on the privacy settings found on your profile.