Sniper 3D Games – Best Shooting game

Sniper 3D Games

On 13th November 2014, Fun Games For Free released one of the best games into the gaming world. This is known as the Sniper 3D Games, which happens to be an android game. In this article, we are going to list down a few tips that will help you easily level up in the game. Hence, enjoying the game much more!

What is Sniper 3D Game?

This is an exciting shooter game that welcomes gamers to the world of murder and assassins. The game is narrowed to an optical sight, and it is only meant for the strong at heart and strategic gamers. The main duty of a game on this platform is to destroy the criminals. At later levels, you will come across other critters like zombies.

At first glance at this game, it seems very easy as it is divided into several cities. There is the PvE mode where you get different cities, and the PvP mode for the Arena. The Passing city is a storyline that helps gamers acquire the best weapons to use in the Arena. Each of these has several tasks, some of which include:

1.       The Main Ones: there are some main missions that take place in cities. Once you pass these main missions, you will receive gold and experience for the purchase of body kits and weapons on it. Tasks come in different difficulty levels. The description gives on how to choose the best class of weapons as well as the strength of damage.

2.       Wanted: the wanted are additional quests, and you will receive money. And the duty of the player on this platform is to track down and destroy wanted criminals available on a photograph. You are allowed to check on the photograph for just a few seconds. The next move is to look for criminals in a crowd.

3.       Multicides: Once you complete these missions, you will earn extra money as well as special weapons.

4.       Warehouse: on this level, the player starts on the roof, and he is expected to assist the police in completing their operation successfully in a given time. There are also unique recommendations for damage to power and weapons. However, this is not a very important point to consider.

5.       Jailbreak: this is among the simplest missions in the game. All that you will be expected to do is to use the rifle in your hands to shoot several prisoners. The prisoners run quite a lot. Therefore, you will have no problem completing these missions.


The above missions are not the only ones you find on the platform. There are many others not listed above, and they all have different tasks a gamer is expected to fulfill.


Sniper 3D Games is one of the best shooting games you will ever come across. Things get better with time as the tasks change depending on the level you are at. The higher the level, the more challenging the tasks, and therefore, the more fun it gets!