Sniper 3D Unlimited Coins and Diamonds [2021]

Sniper 3D Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

Sniper 3d is one of the most popular shooting games. In this game, you have to shoot the assassins on many different levels. To kill them, many different types of rifles and guns you can use. These guns and rifles can be obtained by the diamonds and coins earned in the game. Below we have mentioned some of the very important ways to earn coins and diamonds in Sniper 3D Unlimited Coins and Diamonds.

Through watching videos

In this game, there are many video links flashing from time to time on the screen. These links contain the short video clips of 30 seconds. You can watch these videos as many times as you see them on your screen. Watching each video enables you to get some coins and diamonds.

Through daily bonus

A daily bonus is one of the prime and easiest ways to grab a massive number of coins. Here what you have to do is to open the game daily and play it for a few moments. Doing this confirms 500 coins for you on the first day, 1000 on the second day, 2000 on the third day, and 5000 on the fourth day of Sniper 3D Unlimited Coins and Diamonds. On the fifth day, you will get a weapon as a bonus gift. One thing you have to take care of is to log in this game daily without any gap, which means all the 5 days should be consecutive.

PVP Arena

Pvp area is one of the essential battling stages of this game. To enter here, you need a specific rifle and have to finish the first five combat of this game. Here the number of coins and diamonds you will get will be more than those obtained in other combat. Not just the coins and diamonds, but you can also earn the battle token here. So don’t miss this PVP area to get all of those three currencies of the sniper 3d game.

Through leveling up

This game has many levels, and on each level, some new challenges and fun you will get. Along with it, these levels also give you the chance to win diamonds. After clearing each level, you get 10 bonus diamonds. Not just this, but with each level you upgrade, you get more weapons. You also get more energy bars when you upgrade your level.

Through headshots

Headshots are another technique that you can use to get more currencies. On each headshot, you will get some bonus coins. But here you will have to take care before doing a headshot.

Never use the headshot for the moving or running object. Try it only when the object is standing, else you may miss the shot and fail the mission resulting you the loss of coins. 

Final Thought

There’s are some other methods also like upgrading your weapon, helicopter mission, etc., which you can use to win more coins and diamonds. Whatever way you use to grab coins and diamonds, never share your essential details for some untrusted sites, just for the sake of getting more coins and diamonds.