Subway Surfers Free Coins

Subway Surfers Free Coins

When it comes to choosing the game to get involved with, our choice differs a lot. While there are those who enjoy games full of mysteries, there are those who concentrate on car race games. However, whichever game you find interest in, you must know its rule of operation and the resource it values the most. In Subway Surfers, Coins are its most valued treasure. This article is here to help you get Subway Surfers free coins

Tricks To Earn Free Coins

Earning free coins on the Subway Surfers gaming platform is not a straightforward thing. A lot of sacrifices are needed to level up in the game. Although this is a free to play a game, it is definitely not free to win. However, things can be much easier if you follow the tricks listed below:

i.                   Back Forward Run

The back-forward run is an interesting glitch. This is because it allows you to run backward. Although this might seem to be a challenge at first, with time, you will find it much easier and more fun. With the instructions given below, this will be a walk in the park.

  • Get to the mega headstart, which is the Mystery Box.
  • Once you start enjoying the game, die after a few seconds.
  • When you are about to die, click on the headstart to activate it. Once you activate the head start, you will automatically fly back forward, and you will be good to go.

Point To Note

The back-forward run might seem so easy by looking at it. However, it is quite a tricky part. Therefore, don’t get disappointed when you don’t do it right the first time. With a few trials, you will be able to get things right.

Instead of a back forward move, you will find yourself in the “Moving Smoke” Glitch. Therefore, arm yourself for any disappointments in case they occur.

ii.                 Lucky Death

Lucky death simply involves bumping into an obstacle that will allow you to just stand and run. You will, however, not move until you get to another lane where you will then continue the game. For Lucky Death, the following steps are followed:

  • Quickly turn to the right or left side of the train the moment you see an obstacle in front of you and a train on either side.
  • To keep moving, swipe in any direction.

Point To Note

Compared with Back Forward Run and other tricks not mentioned here, the Lucky Death seems to be the most challenging trick. Therefore, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work. However, if you are lucky enough to get this rare glitch working, you’ll definitely be a step ahead of your enemies.

Winding Up

Subway Surfers is an interesting game and one of its kind. If you are a fan of graphics and enjoy runner mobile games, you will feel at home here. With the above tricks to get Subway Surfers free coins, your gaming experience will even be more fun and adventurous. Therefore, hit the road moving and give the inspector and his dog a taste of their own medicine!